Day One: Extraordinary Mindset

For the woman who is tired, uninspired
and underwhelmed by her own life …

Do you remember the day you stopped seeing yourself as anything less than extraordinary?

When you agreed to settle for the predictable routines, same-old surroundings and uninspiring experiences that make up your days?

When your future went from limitless to take what you can get (and be grateful for it)?

When you began to look around at your life and wonder:

“How did it get to this?”
“Is this all there is?”

… Or, for the lucky ones:
“Life is pretty good … so why aren’t I happy like I thought I would be?”

When did you buy into the story that the life you really want was meant for someone else … but not for you?

It’s a story you may not be aware of.
You almost certainly aren’t telling it on purpose.
But it’s there — and it’s shaping everything about you:

It’s the reason why you reach into your closet and choose the same old pair of black pants … instead of the fabulous dress and cute shoes.

It’s why you feel stuck in a rut with nowhere to go … afraid of making that one bold move that could start to change it all.

It’s why you find yourself living the safe, uninspiring life you’re expected to … rather than unapologetically expressing and celebrating the real you

— Powerful. Brilliant. Joyful. Irresistible. Sexy. Fun … (just to name a few).

Now that’s the kind of story I want to read — don’t you?


The most important story you’ll
ever tell is the one about yourself.

So why not make it extraordinary?

So what does your most extraordinary life
look, feel and taste like?

Do you want more energy, more spaciousness … or more excitement in your days?

Do you want to be the woman who can strut into any room and instantly hold her own?

Do you crave richer conversations, more adventure, more pleasure?

Do you want to delight in the world around you, explore new places, meet new faces … and become a worldly woman — with amazing stories to prove it?

Do you dream of being a business owner? An investor? The most valuable (and well-paid) team member in your department … or of starting a new career altogether?

Do you wish you could be more present with your family and able to enjoy those moments with the ones you love?

Do you want to spend and save with intention — and become a financially secure, wealthy woman who uses money to create what she loves and make the world a better place?