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When did taking care of yourself become another chore on your to-do list?

I’m not talking about your bi-weekly mani/pedi…

Or pouring a glass of wine (or two) after a long week.


Because truly taking care of yourself runs so much deeper than your nightly bubble bath.

(Although, I’m a big fan of those too.)

Exquisite self-care — the kind that nourishes you, that fills you with energy, that helps you show up consistently as your most rested, inspired self…

Looks nothing like you’ve been taught (or tried) before.

The truth?

Exquisite self-care matters most… at the exact moment when it’s the hardest choice of all.

It’s the difference between:   
  • Knowing that you thrive on a full 8 hours of sleep (or more!) but finding yourself glued to your TV, computer or phone late into the night.
  • Feeling 10x better when you eat foods that make you feel nourished… but ordering takeout for the 3rd time that week (the kind you’ll regret in the morning).
  • Wanting to move your body regularly, become stronger or more flexible, but struggling to stick to a new exercise plan for more than a few days or weeks at a time.
  • Knowing your dreams require focus and energy but you can barely make it through the day. It’s hard to create something new when it feels like you’re running on fumes.
Don’t despair:
If your desires don’t align with your daily actions…
The problem is not that you aren’t trying hard enough. It’s not that something is wrong with you. And it's not about waiting until you have more time to finally put yourself first.  The solution might not seem as sexy as an exotic vacation or a shopping spree… 

But, done regularly?

It changes everything. So why not try it and see?

It begins with a question…

When you picture the version of you who cares for herself exquisitely … what do you see?

Do you envision a woman who is…    Vibrant? Energetic? Dynamic? In motion? Disciplined… But never deprived?   And, above all:  Committed to putting herself first?

If you could peek into her life, what might you find?

A fridge full of healthy, delicious food?

Daily walks in nature… or dance classes at night?

Plenty of space for reading, adventuring and recharging?

And my favorite question:
How does she think?
  • Does she berate herself… or celebrate herself?
  • Is self-care just another chore on her long t0-do list… or is it something she protects and prioritizes?
  • Does she drag her feet or put off the things she knows she needs… or does she take great joy in keeping promises to herself — 
Not because she needs fixing, but because she is worth it?  (This part is key.)

If you’re ready to:

Stop breaking promises to yourself and consistently do the things that truly make you feel good, inside and out.

Create a new relationship with food and movement that makes it easier to care for yourself (no drama or dieting required)

Become the woman who intentionally weaves pleasure and self-care into her days, even when she is busy… and especially when it’s hard

Here’s a more regal idea:
Feeling deprived, punished or bored is not a requirement for making healthier choices.  (Especially not the kind that last.) Au contraire…  Feeling better is a direct result of  committing to treating yourself better—  And seeing yourself as someone who is worthy and deserving of exquisite care.  Not someday…  But today, as you are, right now.

After all:

A queen never negotiates whether she is worthy of her title.

She simply is… 

And so are you.

Like an iron fist in a velvet glove…

A Queen knows how to elegantly enforce her (personal) rules:

  • She knows what she needs in order to feel her best, and isn’t afraid to ask for it (or fiercely protect it). 
  • She refuses to negotiate with herself and others about her boundaries or priorities.
  • And she has a plan for how to act on them consistently, even as she fulfills her other duties.
Just as importantly…  A Queen never tells herself that her needs don’t matter.  She doesn’t shrink herself to make the people around her more comfortable... Because she knows deep down that she is the single most valuable asset in her world.  And she deserves to be treated as such — especially by herself.
  • So if you’re tired of settling, compromising, and putting off your own needs…
  • If you are ready to let go of broken promises and abandoned plans to eat better, move more and have fun doing it
  • And if you want to learn how to truly nourish yourself (instead of numbing yourself) when you need it most…

From one Queen to another?

It’s time to stop settling for scraps.

And give yourself The Royal Treatment instead.

Give yourself

The Royal Treatment

A 5-day virtual workshop with Tonya Leigh

For the woman who is ready to feel like a Queen:

Create your personal treatment plan for intentional eating, mindful movement, a healthy heaping of play… every single day.

(The kind you can actually stick to — even when it’s hard or life is busy.)

April 17 - April 21, 2023

Because every day is a new opportunity to show yourself exquisite care — even in the smallest ways

The Royal Treatment is a 5-day virtual workshop for women who are tired of putting themselves last. It’s for women who want to eat better, move more and play more, even when life is busy (and even when it’s hard). Led by Master Life Coach Tonya Leigh, your Royal Treatment experience includes:

Morning Moment

Delivered to your inbox each day, settle in for a Morning Moment to help you reflect & explore the topic of the day in 15 minutes or less.

If you’re not quite sure what your ideal morning routine looks like, this is the perfect place to start your day with more intention and care.

Midday LIVE Coaching Session

Join Tonya for a daily 60-minute Treatment Session to explore the topic of the day. 

Discover how to level-up your food choices, find your groove with movement, and make sure not a day goes by without at least a little bit of pleasure and play.

Evening Reboot

End your day with one great idea to help you practice treating yourself like royalty.

You’ll also receive links to the replay for each daily live Treatment Session with Tonya to watch at your leisure (because a Queen doesn’t rush).

And because Queens love clarity… you’ll craft your Custom Treatment Plan for feeling good, every day! It all happens inside your utterly gorgeous Royal Treatment digital workbook.  Page by page and day by day, you’ll clarify exactly what you need — and the new actions you will take — in order to treat yourself like royalty every single day.  Break the rules or make your own: your treatment plan is unique to you and designed to get you feeling good with small steps that add up to something extraordinary!
Ready for your 5-day Royal Itinerary?
Here’s what to expect each day:

day 1:

Think like a Queen

What’s really getting in the way of feeling your best every day?

(Popular hits include: Not enough time… worrying what others will think… and that nagging voice in your head that says: why bother trying if you’ll just fail again?)

We’ll begin our time together by looking more closely at the barriers to taking great care of yourself consistently, and how to navigate them more elegantly (and effectively).

If you want to build healthier habits but often talk yourself out of it in the moment, I’ll show you how to practice thinking new thoughts that will remove 99% of the friction to showing up for yourself even if you don’t feel like it.

After all, a Queen rules her own mind (rather than letting her mind rule her).

day 2:

Speak like a Queen

A queen knows she doesn’t get what she wants; she gets what she tolerates. And what she refuses to tolerate is treating herself poorly.

To feel like a Queen, you must practice having higher standards and communicate them effectively — not just with others, but with yourself.

On Day 2, you’ll learn how to raise your standards and stop treating yourself as anything less than extraordinary. If you often engage in negative self-talk, beat yourself up for not being perfect or break promises to yourself regularly, I’ll show you how to hold yourself in a higher regard.

We’ll clarify: what are your new non-negotiable standards for feeling good? What negative beliefs are you no longer going to repeat to yourself — and what will you swap them for instead?

The energy of your words have a direct impact on your physical energy. If left unchecked, it will undermine you every step of the way. Before we can craft your Personal Treatment Plan, it’s time for a royal reboot of your words and mind.

day 3:

Eat like a Queen

For many women, eating in a way that is truly nourishing is a lifelong battle — but it doesn’t have to be.

I promise you that the answers aren’t waiting for you in another diet plan. You don’t have to restrict yourself or spend all day long thinking about food.

With a few powerful shifts, eating well can be something you simply do. If you often find yourself eating mindlessly or reaching for foods that fill a void in the moment — let me show you a different way.

On Day 3, we’ll design your ideal diet: one that promotes wellness and pleasure (because I refuse to let eating well be boring or bland).

Plus, I’ll show you how to approach how you eat more intentionally — and how to practice concepts like elegant satisfaction to make better choices, enjoy your food, and feel good about the way you fuel your body every day.

day 4:

Move like a Queen

Running. Walking. Pilates. Weight-lifting. Salsa Dancing. You have almost unlimited options for how you can move your body, but the question is: which one is right for you? What will you look forward to? And how can you make movement something you do consistently?

Whether you’re already exercising regularly or struggling to find your groove, you know that moving your body is something you want to prioritize.

On Day 4, I’ll guide you through how to decide what your ideal “movement baseline” looks like and how to remove resistance to actually doing it each day — plus, what it could look like to challenge yourself physically a couple of times a week, based on how you want to feel in your body both now and in the future.

A Queen is never stagnant and always in motion — so let’s find your personal definition of movement that feels good for you, and how to make it a part of your day that you look forward to!

day 5:

Delight like a Queen

Because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point? I believe this is the missing piece in so many of the plans we make. Looking after yourself shouldn’t be dull or boring. So let’s bring some pleasure to your days!

As we finish our time together, we’ll explore how to weave more play, pleasure and fun into your daily life. After all, self-care isn’t just about food, movement, or how you think — ultimately, it’s about how you live.

What if pleasure became a non-negotiable part of your day? What if it was something you knew how to prioritize, even when you have responsibilities and tasks that need doing?

On Day 5, we’ll create your custom Pleasure Portfolio, filled with your personal list of activities, practices and rituals that are truly pleasurable and energizing for you — and how to incorporate them into the foundation of your days.

No more deprivation, restriction, or boring plans that don’t stick. From how you think, to how you eat, how you move, and how you play…

Over 5 days, you’ll have everything you need to give yourself The Royal Treatment, every single day.

When I stopped living on low maintenance mode”, I got my mojo back (and more)...

I’m Tonya Leigh: Master Life Coach and founder of The School of Self-Image. 

But, before I learned how to give myself The Royal Treatment, I was the sweet, Southern “low-maintenance gal” who never asked for much.

I was proud of not having any needs (or pretending not to).

Little did I know… “low maintenance” was just code for “low standards” and “low self-worth”.

Because I did want to feel better. And I did want to take better care of myself. 

But all the workout plans, recipes, and diets in the world couldn’t save me… because deep inside, I didn’t believe I was worthy of what I needed to feel good consistently (not just on vacation or when I had “earned” it).

So, I spent years beating myself up for being lazy, thinking I had a “discipline” problem: “Why can’t I just stick to the plan?” 

As it turns out, it was my standards that needed an overhaul...

Tonya Leigh Founder School of Self-Image

Upgrading my standards for myself meant embracing some new rules:

Resist the urge to overcomplicate. A simple plan for feeling better is an elegant one… and the most effective, too.

Plan for what you can do on your worst day. In doing so, you’ll prove to yourself that you are a woman who keeps her promises.

Do it because you are worthy, not because you are broken (and watch it change how you feel about everything).

Today, I am a woman who loves to care for myself — not from a place of obligation, but because when I look in the mirror, I see a woman who matters.  
  • So I practice eating in a way that makes me feel satisfied, energized and nourished.
  • I move regularly to meet my own goals to feel stronger and younger, year after year.
  • And I look for ways to incorporate fun and pleasure every step of the way.

What if you could make your own rules for feeling your best, too?

  • Even if you’re not really sure what it could look like to care for yourself in a way that feels good (but you have a feeling it’s about more than chocolate-dipped strawberries and bubble baths)… 
  • Even if you’re worried you’ll need to spend hours a day cooking, exercising and primping (not required — unless you want to, of course)...
  • Even if you’re worried that you won’t have enough time, willpower or motivation to keep up with it…
Don’t fret. I’ll help you create a personalized plan for feeling better daily — one that works for you and your current season of life.  (After all, a Queen lives according to her own rules — not mine, or anyone else’s.) By the end of our time together, you will have a totally custom plan for how to meet your own needs consistently without the drama. No matter how old you are or how many times you’ve tried before, feeling good isn’t supposed to be such a struggle. (Above all? It’s supposed to be fun!)

Don’t settle for scraps. You deserve to feel like a Queen:

The Royal Treatment

Food. Movement. Pleasure & Play…

Let’s create your Custom Treatment Plan for taking exquisite care of yourself, every day:

The Royal Treatment runs exclusively from April 17 to April 21, 2023

You’ll receive:

Save Your Seat For just $37

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Every Queen is one-of-a-kind. That’s why you need a plan with your personal needs in mind:

The Royal Treatment is perfect for…

The Discouraged Queen

You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve stopped and started a new workout plan or diet and you still don’t feel better (in fact, you feel a little worse every time). 

You beat yourself up for not being disciplined or organized enough to see your plans through.

The Busy Queen

You’re ambitious and fast-moving; there’s already so much on your plate. But where’s the room for you? 

If you’re worried that putting yourself first isn’t possible because you have more responsibilities than you can count, I’ll show you how to make space for your greatest asset: you.

The Worried Queen

You’re afraid that prioritizing yourself will cause people to judge you or feel let down by you. 

You people-please like a pro, but pleasing yourself — and ensuring your needs are met while taking care of others is something you could use a little help with.

The Queen Who Wants A Plan

You love a step-by-step plan for how to take action. Sometimes your plans empower you, but other times they paralyze you. 

You want a clear path to taking care of yourself, without overcomplicating it or doing things you don’t enjoy.

Bottom line? If you want to make what you eat, how you move, and how you play a more intentional part of your day, in a way that truly works for you… say “yes” to The Royal Treatment!

Frequenly Asked Questions

Questions you might have about joining us…
What if I can’t attend the daily sessions with Tonya due to timezone differences or other commitments?
The daily sessions with Tonya will be recorded, and we’ll email you the links to catch up at the end of each day. You can participate during your own time, but if you can be there live we recommend it! 

There’s nothing quite like the energy of being on the call with Tonya and other women who are taking the workshop with you. Plus, we find something magical tends to happen when you prioritize and make space for what matters to you.

Either way, no matter where you are in the world, you can catch up with each day of the workshop at a time that works for you.

How long will I have access to The Royal Treatment?
It’s all yours! You’ll have lifetime access to the workshop and all the materials.
I’m super busy! Will I have time for this?
Here’s a better question: do you wish you could make more time for yourself — not “Netflix on the couch” time… but the kind of time that you spend truly caring for yourself?  If the answer is yes, The Royal Treatment will show you how. It’s for women who want to get better at prioritizing themselves even when they are busy (in fact, that’s when you need it most).  If you are ready for a new approach to your eating habits, your exercise routine (whether you have one already, are struggling to start, or just can’t seem to stay in motion) and, of course, how you play… there’s no better way to spend your time!  The great news is that you can follow along with the workshop at your own pace. Everything is recorded and you have lifetime access, so if you need to catch up, there’s no rush.
How is this different to courses, books or programs I’ve already tried before?
Have you ever tried to commit to a strict diet or exercise regimen, only to quit and berate yourself for it? (The problem wasn’t you, by the way.) Or… made a vague resolution to simply “eat better” with no clear plan for what that really means, or how you’ll follow through?  Have you fallen for the ordinary (but common) belief that time to play, rest & recharge should be saved for vacations… or the rare occasions when your to-do list is complete? Or… are you at a point where you’re so tired and foggy that you don’t even know what would feel good anymore? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are ready for The Royal Treatment. It won’t require you to feel deprived, or bored, or rely on motivation and willpower to do what you need to feel good consistently.  Best of all, you’ll create your Custom Treatment Plan for food, movement, and play to make sure feeling good becomes a non-negotiable part of your days. The result is that you will become the kind of woman who knows exactly what she needs to feel her best every day, and the habits and actions you need to cultivate in order to keep those promises to yourself. You’ll walk away with more energy, higher standards, and the confidence that comes with being a woman who, above all, has her own back.

You don’t have to earn it, or prove you deserve it... Because you are already worthy of it.

  • While the advice “you can’t pour from an empty cup” may be true… I can’t help but think: Why can’t taking exquisite care of yourself be something you simply do? No strings attached.
    • Because you are deserving of pleasure.
    • You are deserving of impeccable standards.
    • You do not have to move through life feeling tired or depleted…
    … Only allowing yourself to sneak in a little luxury “here and there” (and only once you’ve “earned” it). Can we put this idea to bed?
My dream for you is to wake up everyday and move through the world as if you are a Queen:
  • To lovingly expect more from yourself…
  • To be motivated to look after yourself not because you need to be “better”, but because you are already exceptional…
  • To create the conditions (inside and out) that will ensure you keep your promises to yourself...
  • And to do it with a healthy heaping of pleasure and delightevery single day.
(After all: what point is there in wearing a crown if you can’t have a little fun with it?)
So if you’re ready to try a new approach to self-care…
Spend 5 days with me to create your Custom Treatment Plan to begin feeling like the Queen you already are. With love,

Give yourself The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment

The Workshop runs exclusively from April 17 to April 21, 2023

You’ll receive:

Save Your Seat For just $37

we start in:








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