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the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued.

How are you defining yours?

(Be careful: the answer is shaping your entire life.)

99% of women wake up in the morning and let the world decide their worth.

They wait for:

The compliments.
The accolades.
The promotion.

To do what they want to do.

Live how they want to.

And be who they want to be.

(If you ask me? There’s no greater tragedy.)


If you are waiting for the world to tell you that you are good enough before you…

Take the vacation (VIP-style!)
Go for that big project or client
Change careers
Move somewhere new
Upgrade to business class
Try something different
Ask for what you want
Say no to what you don’t want

And do that big, scary, but wildly exciting thing you’ve been dreaming of…


(Long enough, that your entire life might pass you by.)

When a woman lets the world
define her worth, she will:


She keeps one foot out the door because she doesn’t truly believe she’s ready for what she wants.

She’s never “all-in” on her dreams (if she dares to try at all) because deep down, she doesn’t believe she deserves what she’s asking for.


When good things happen, she struggles to enjoy it — because she’s certain she hasn’t earned it (or that it won’t last).

A woman who doesn’t believe she is worthy will unconsciously repel what she wants.


A woman who is convinced she doesn’t belong is destined to live a life on the sidelines.

She hides behind the scenes, afraid to step onto the stage that is her life — because she doesn’t feel safe enough to claim her space.

And none of it is your fault at all.

All around the world, women are expected to play supporting roles in the lives of those they love (and care for).

We’re expected to be selfless mothers…

The understanding wife or partner…

And the hard worker who always goes above and beyond… no matter the cost.

The result?

Hiding, because you’re afraid of what might go wrong if you dare to shine.

Sticking to the safety of what you know… instead of the excitement of what you truly desire.

Working double-time, trying to prove yourself to the world.

Staying stuck in learning-mode, waiting for the perfect time to make your move.

Putting up with people, behavior and patterns that do not serve you…

And settling for a life so much smaller than the one you are capable of.

You are here because you’ve
outgrown your supporting role.

Because you can’t ignore the voice that wonders:

When is it going to be my time to shine? Am I ever going to “arrive”?

Choosing a different role — the one you were
always meant to play — begins with a question:

What are you ready to stop settling for… and
what do you want to start showing up for?

Whether it’s a little more glamor, a brave new adventure, or the courage to
express who you are and what you truly want, without apology…

Your answer is the script for your starring role.

And it's time for your stage call.


If you’re tired of playing the role of “lady in waiting”… there is another way.

It’s for the woman who is done with hiding on the sidelines of her own life.

For the woman who refuses to wait for someone else to say the magic words:

You are ready.

The experience, the guts, the charisma you’re seeking? You’ve had it all along.

You are worthy of everything you want and so much more…

And instead —

She is going to


(For real this time.)

Center stage.
On full display:

Ready to imagine, create and receive everything she’s been waiting for.

Enter, stage right…

A 5-day virtual workshop
with Tonya Leigh

For the woman who is ready to show up for her desires and become her own leading lady:

No more waiting on the sidelines of your life.

It’s time to step onto the stage.


The worthy woman is the leading lady of her own life.

She makes the rules. (Breaks them, too.)

The world is her stage.

Her runway.

Her playground.

And she’s always ready for her curtain call.

But, don’t mistake the worthy
woman for the perfect woman.

The worthy woman didn’t wake up one morning and decide that she was finally good enough to play the main character in her own life.

She had to learn her lines.

Practice them daily.

And even fall flat on her face — to prove to herself that she will always have her own back.

The worthy woman knows that she still has lots to learn, challenges to navigate, and plenty of mistakes to make.

But she doesn’t let it stop her.

Put simply?

A worthy woman is simply a woman who decided that instead of hustling for perfection, she was going to show up for the joy of experimentation instead.

Flaws and all.

So, my dear worthy-woman-in-the-making… Which of life’s stages are you ready to show up for next?


You've got big dreams and bold ideas for what you’re ready to create next. Whether it’s more wealth, a new career or business, or a step into the unknown, you’re ready to stop waiting and start making something of your own — without hustling or working yourself to the bone.


You’re craving new connections but your friendships and love life are on life support. You don’t feel fully seen, heard or understood by those around you. You’re ready for new relationships and a supportive circle… but putting yourself out there feels scary.


You’ve followed the rules and did everything you were “supposed to”... but it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would. You want to enjoy what’s going right and you crave the freshness of something new — but thoughts like “I’m a fraud” and “I don’t belong” are stopping you.

… Or maybe a different stage entirely? (Remember: you get to choose.)

Bring those desires and join me inside The Worthy Woman, for 5 days of fun experiments to help you step into your role as leading lady.

How does The Worthy Woman
Workshop… work?

The Worthy Woman is a 5-day online workshop where you will practice stepping into your starring role.

It’s for women who are tired of waiting in the shadows or living their life according to someone else’s rules.

If you are constantly hustling to prove yourself, saying yes to things you don’t actually want, and keep putting off what you desire in favor of what is urgent… this workshop is for you.

Led by Master Life Coach Tonya Leigh, your Worthy Woman experience includes:


Delivered to your inbox each day, settle in for a Morning Moment to help you reflect & explore the topic of the day in 15 minutes or less.

Get guided prompts, sharp insights, and thought-provoking questions to help you become stage-ready.

Midday LIVE
Session with tonya

Join Tonya for a daily 60-minute coaching session to explore the topic of the day, with time at the end for Q&A.

You’ll get to the root of why you’re not showing up, how to know if you’re ready, where to begin (and what to do if you slip back into hiding).


End your day with one great idea to help you embody your role as leading lady.

You’ll also receive links to the replay for each daily live session with Tonya, just in case you aren’t able to attend live.

Together, we will get clear on your new “worthy” character and how to practice showing up as her for the things you want.

It all happens inside your utterly gorgeous Worthy Woman digital workbook.

Day by day, you’ll clarify the exact upgrades you’ll make to your stories, standards, style, surroundings, and goals to ensure you walk away from our time together feeling 100% stage-ready.

Get stage-ready for your next leading role…
in 5 days or less.

Here’s what to expect each day:

day 1:

Worthy Stories

For many women, our “worthy” (or unworthy) stories are written early in life. We then follow a script in our daily lives that says things like: “what I want isn’t possible” or “nothing less than perfect will do”. 

Make no mistake: your stories about yourself and your worth are creating your reality. Maybe your story says you must always chase and strive for the next best thing and prove that you are “enough”. Or maybe it says that putting your needs first is selfish, in poor taste… or that the things you want are “above” you.

On day 1, we will explore your stories and how they either help (or hinder) the way you want to show up in your life. You’ll also discover the daily “spotlight” moments you can step into to begin telling your new “worthy” story and embody the role of a woman who is certain of her worth.

day 2:

Worthy Standards

A woman’s sense of worth determines what she is willing to settle for. If part of your life feels uninspiring, heavy or frustrating, then it’s a sign that your standards are in need of an upgrade in that area. 

More than that, think about whose standards you are living by: are you trying to reach your own standards, or standards that belong to someone else? Trying to reach the world’s standards for “good enough” will keep you constantly hustling, striving and sacrificing. A worthy woman knows there is another way.

On day 2, we’ll talk about how to identify the standards you need to upgrade in your life and how to go about it with confidence and grace. Plus, we’ll explore where you’re trying to please the world (instead of yourself). A worthy woman knows the value of meeting her own needs is priceless.

day 3:

Worthy Style

A worthy woman has an undeniable presence and a willingness to take up space. Style is a powerful way to embody your worth and express yourself, but most women wear clothes that blend in because they are hiding themselves from the world.

This has little do with a shopping spree and more to do with dressing with intention and showing up as the version of you who knows herself and knows she is worthy.

On day 3, I will show you how to create a personal “style statement” that captures your worth and how you want to be seen by the world (and by yourself). We’ll also look at what to do when you want to dress differently, but feel lost, confused, or afraid of “standing out” and being seen. Getting dressed in the morning can be both easy and inspiring!

day 4:

Worthy Surroundings

Look around you. Does your environment tell the story of a woman who is worthy — or does it tell a different story entirely? You don’t need to move home or spend all day cleaning, but there are a few powerful tweaks you can make right away.

The worthy woman takes great care to create an environment that reminds her of her worth. Even more, she intentionally places herself in new surroundings that tell the story of who she wants to be. Which places & spaces are you avoiding because you’re worried you don’t belong? 

On day 4, I’ll show you how to create (and seek out) the conditions to help you feel like a true VIP. Plus, we’ll talk about what to do when you want to try something new or visit a space that feels “fancier” than you’re used to — and how to start elevating the spaces you live in and step into.

day 5:

Setting Worthy Goals

Why do you do the things you do? Many women spend their whole lives striving only to realize that their accomplishments and decisions were driven by doubt or fear. What goals are you disqualifying yourself from because you’re afraid to try (and fail) or convinced you aren’t ready?

Don’t choose your goals from a place of “not enough” or because you have something to prove. Worthy women choose their goals with care, and above all, because they love who they will become in the process.

You deserve to have goals that delight you. On day 5, I’ll show you a new framework for choosing goals that stretch you and remind you of just how worthy you are. If you’ve spent your whole life striving but still don’t feel complete, get ready for a new way to think about what you want (and how to get it).

No more waiting for permission or shrinking your dreams to fit someone else’s ideas of who you should be.

Spend 5 days with me, and you’ll have everything you need to claim your role as leading lady — and start showing up for what you really want.

The Backstory: Or, how I went from supporting actress to leading lady

I’m Tonya Leigh: Master Life Coach and founder of The School of Self-Image.

But, I haven’t always played the role of The Worthy Woman. Most days, I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who still had so much to prove (or so I thought).

I grew up in a time and place where standing out was asking for trouble.

It meant you were shallow, full of yourself, and “too big for your britches”.

Instead, the way women showed their worth was by taking care of everyone around them.

Support your husband, keep a spotless home…

Never indulge (and if you must, do it in secret and shame).

Like generations of women before me, the path was laid out ahead of me — and I was expected to follow it.

Fortunately, I declined.

And it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Tonya Leigh
School of Self-Image

But deciding that you are worthy of your desires is not as simple as flicking a switch in your mind.

You may think you need more time, more resources, or more experience… but I disagree.

It begins with a decision to simply step onto the stage.

And, just like the world’s most iconic leading ladies — think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo and more — you must practice the roles you wish to show up for.

And you must embody the worthy character you wish to become.

Fortunately, I have a new method to help you embrace your new role as leading lady… and it’s unique, effective, and a whole lot of fun.

By the end of our time together, you will have a totally doable and inspiring plan for how you will show up for the things you really crave.

Being the leading lady does take dedication, but above all, it’s supposed to be fun! I’d rather be dedicated to the things that matter to me, instead of trying to be perfect… and forgetting to enjoy myself along the way.

    Are you ready for the role of a lifetime?



      Say yes to The Worthy Woman Workshop if…

      You’re ready to
      dream bigger

      You either know what you want — or you’re pretending not to. 

      Whether there is something you desperately want to change, or life is good but you simply know there is more for you to experience, join me to practice the art of owning your desires and how to show up for them in your day-to-day.

      You know it’s time to stop
      hiding & start showing up

      If you have a sense that the next “stage” of your life requires you to be seen in a way you have never been before, you are right.

      Whether it’s a new relationship, a new venture, or stepping into a place you’re worried you won’t belong in, it’s time to get used to being in the spotlight. Good news: perfection is not required.

      You want less chasing &
      hustle, more ease & fun

      If you’re in touch with your desires but convinced the only way to have them (and keep them) is by hustling and chasing, this is your invitation to slow down.

      The Worthy Woman attracts what she knows she deserves — and she’s relaxed, because she trusts the timeline. Let’s bring a little more spaciousness and fun to those big goals.

      You want to create your
      life, not just react to it

      Most women spend their days taking care of other people’s needs and emergencies. You’re reacting, putting out fires and doing what needs to be done.

      But where is the room for you and your desires? This is an invitation to choose your role and how you show up for it with intention. (And it might just be one of the most liberating things you’ll ever do.)

      Frequenly Asked Questions

      Questions you might have about joining us…

      What if I can’t attend the daily sessions with Tonya due to timezone differences or other commitments?

      The daily sessions with Tonya will be recorded, and we’ll email you the links to catch up at the end of each day. You can participate during your own time, but if you can be there live we recommend it! 

      There’s nothing quite like the energy of being on the call with Tonya and other women who are taking the workshop with you. Plus, we find something magical tends to happen when you prioritize and make space for what matters to you.

      Either way, no matter where you are in the world, you can catch up with each day of the workshop at a time that works for you.

      How long will I have access to The Worthy Woman?

      It’s all yours! You’ll have lifetime access to the workshop and all the materials.

      I’m super busy! Will I have time for this?

      Here’s a better question: how much time are you wasting not going after your dreams, or spending time trying to prove yourself to the world before you try? How much time have you spent this month doing things you don’t want to do, or spending time in places you don’t want to be?

      If you don’t love your answers, The Worthy Woman is for you. It’s for women who want to get better at following their dreams and desires, even when they are busy (in fact, that’s when you need it most). 

      The great news is that you can follow along with the workshop at your own pace. Everything is recorded and you have lifetime access, so if you need to catch up, there’s no rush.

      How is this different to courses, books or programs I’ve already tried before?

      There are 2 (common, but ineffective) paths most women take to reach their goals. The first is to hustle to prove that they are smart enough, kind enough or selfless enough — and hope that the world gives them what they deserve. The second is to work really hard on positive thinking and affirmations, hoping that they wake up one morning and finally see themselves differently.

      Inside the Worthy Woman, you will learn a different method (and it works). Think of it as an outside-in approach to creating your future self — the most lit up, inspired and aligned version of you. In just 5 short days, you will get in motion toward your dreams and start showing up in a way you never have before.

      And, honestly? It’s just way more fun.

      Learn to embody your new worthy
      character... one simple "act" at a time:

      You don’t need to have all your lines memorized before you step into your new role.

      And, whichever role you choose, make sure it’s one you’re excited to truly own.

      After all, the Worthy Woman knows she has nothing to prove — but there are limitless possibilities for what she can create.

      And the only permission she truly needs to begin… is the one she gives to herself.

      If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you know there is a gap between the role you’re playing, and how you really want to show up.

      What if you could practice trusting that voice — in a way that honors your desires… your curiosities… and the exciting version of who you could be?

      That’s exactly what you’ll do when you join me for The Worthy Woman Workshop.

      I can’t show you how to be perfect — and that would be boring anyway.

      But I can show you how to just begin (even when it’s scary, and the path feels unclear).

      • To step up for what you want — and step back from what you don’t want.
      • To get comfortable with letting yourself shine…
      • And embracing all the missteps and stumbles along the way.

      (They’re what make the story so interesting anyway!)

      It’s your life. You only get one. So why not assign yourself the role of leading lady?

      Step onto the stage.

      You are ready.

      With love,

      It’s your time to show up & step out (in impeccable style). Join The Worthy Woman Workshop:

      You’ll receive:

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