day one

Worthy Stories

Morning Moment

Grab your workbook and give yourself 5 minutes to reflect before you start your day.

Reflect on the questions for Day 1 inside your workbook, and watch as your new “worthy” story begins to unfold.

Share Your Insights

Then, join me and your fellow Worthy Women inside the Private Pop-Up Society on Facebook. Share what you’re noticing and prepare to get inspired by this group of remarkable women. 

Don’t be shy. Refuse to beat yourself up. We’re in this together, and everything you share will help another woman step into her worthy role.

Live Session

Evening Love Note

a note from tonya

“After all, tomorrow is another day.”
- Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind

Last page.

Last sentence.

Famous last words.

A single sentence can speak volumes about a woman’s character.

So here’s an idea to end your night:

Think about the character you’re playing now: who she is, what she does, where she goes.

Where is her story headed?

What might she say at the end?

Then, consider the new worthy character you envisioned with me earlier today, and ponder…

What might her famous last words be instead?

Are they bold?


A little bit cheeky, perhaps?

No matter your answer, there’s no need to wait.

With your famous last words as a guide, how would you show up differently tomorrow?

Jot down some notes in the space in your workbook, or sleep on it and see what comes up.

Sweet dreams,


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