day two

Worthy Standards

Morning Moment

Grab your workbook and give yourself 5 minutes to reflect before you start your day.

Take this time to be honest with yourself, without judgment. Are your standards hurting you or helping you?

Share Your Insights

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Live Session

Evening Love Note

a note from tonya

Low standards are so last season.

The Worthy Woman knows that stepping onto a new stage requires a new set of standards — the kind that:

Stretch her.
Support her.
Affirm her worth.*

(*Priceless, of course.)

And so, with that:

Out with the old, in with the new.

What standards are required for you to be the best, most worthy version of you?

First, pick 3 old standards that need to go.

(Example: “I must be liked.” Or: “If it’s not perfect, it’s not worth doing.”)

Then, choose 3 new standards that will support you — and the next “stage” you want to step onto.

Don’t overthink it.

A worthy woman trusts her gut. The first 3 standards that come to mind are probably exactly what you need.

Practice deciding quickly, then let us know: which new standards are you embracing, and which old ones are you choosing to let go?

Let’s make sure your standards are worthy of the story you want to tell.

Sweet dreams,


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