day three

Worthy Style

Morning Moment

Today’s topic is a B-I-G one, and I want to explore it with you in-depth during our live session today - we’ll be creating your personal Style Statement together! So fun.

Make sure it’s in your calendar. (I’ll send you another reminder just before we go live.)

Until then, take a few minutes to think about the questions under Day 3 in your workbook this morning.

Share Your Insights

Next, join me and your fellow Worthy Women inside the Private Pop-Up Society on Facebook. Share what you’re noticing, which dots you’re starting to connect, and how your Worthy Style is taking shape.

Live Session

Evening Love Note

a note from tonya

I must confess:

While style is so much more than the clothes you wear, I’m still a sucker for a signature piece.

It got me thinking…

When you’re at your best, what are the details and touches that make an outfit feel like you?

Maybe it’s a flick of winged eyeliner, or a killer nude lip.
A spritz of the perfume that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.
Those gorgeous gold earrings.
The ring your grandmother gave you.
Or a piece of beautiful lingerie that nobody sees but you.

There’s no better way to make a statement than with a signature piece that brings out the best in you.

Even the smallest details can help you practice showing up for your future.

Which signature piece will you use to show up as the most worthy, confident version of you tomorrow?

(If you’re feeling bold, snap a pic in the morning and share inside our private group. We love seeing worthy women strut their stuff!)

Sweet dreams,

P.S. If you missed today’s call, you may not know that today I hosted the first of two bonus VIP Sessions, exclusively for women who join me inside The School of Self-Image this week.

In today’s VIP Session, I took women inside my closet and shared how I put together an outfit that helps me show up for what I want — in 10 minutes or less.

I’ll be hosting another VIP session tomorrow, exclusively for members. Best of all, you get to apply your $37 investment in this workshop towards your first month of membership!

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