day five

Setting Worthy Goals

Morning Moment

Grab your workbook and give yourself 5 minutes to reflect on today’s questions.

(Prepare to rethink your goals and dream bigger than you have before.)

Share Your Insights

Then, join me and your fellow Worthy Women  inside the Private Pop-Up Society on Facebook. 

This is our last day of the workshop, so make time to connect and reflect on what you’ve discovered this week. 

(Be sure to take some time to peruse and comment on the answers from the remarkable women in the group, too.)

Live Session

Bonus Q&A

Evening Love Note

a note from tonya

Those small and stale goals have got to go.

In today’s live session, I introduced you to the alternative:

Your extraordinary goal.

It’s a goal that:

  • Stretches you to a new version of yourself.
  • Requires you to create a new reality, from the outside, in…
  • Drives you to show up — for yourself, and your desires — in powerful new ways.

Your extraordinary goal is a singular focus and a bold declaration:

Of who you are
The life you want
And the (extraordinary) woman you wish to become.

You may not know your extraordinary goal just yet. Perhaps you already have an inkling of what it could be.

Either way, I have one final idea for you tonight:

Simply sit with the possibility.

Don’t fight it, or analyze it. Just let the desire be.

And, if you want my help to figure out exactly what your extraordinary goal will be and how to get there?

Join me inside The School of Self-Image.

It’s the place where thousands of women are bringing their extraordinary visions to life…

And showing themselves, day by day, that they are worthy.

Use code “WORTHY” at checkout to apply your $37 investment in this workshop towards your first month of membership.

Keep showing up.

I promise it will take you somewhere extraordinary.


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