Come be a part of the

School of Self-Image Team

At the School of Self-Image, we are focused and passionate about helping to create extraordinary transformation stories for women all across the globe.

We are expanding every day and are looking for the perfect people to help with that expansion. Could you be the next person on Team SOSI?

Here’s what we value at
the School of Self-Image:

We Leisurely Hustle - We embrace the leisurely hustling concept, combining ambition with ease.  This requires that you manage your time well and work efficiently and effectively focusing on outcomes not effort.

We are Professional  - We dress up, show up on time and deliver our best selves to our teammates and clients, but mostly, for ourselves. 

We are Resourceful - We believe that we are capable of figuring things out.  We always seek to find solutions on our own before reaching out to the team.

We celebrate Diversity - We encourage and celebrate diversity of cultures, ideas and ways of thinking. 

We are Flexible - We are a fast-paced team who changes our minds, tries new things and is willing to fail.  This requires flexibility in our approach and schedules.  

We are Fun - We believe the process of growing and managing our company should be fun.  We encourage humor, laughter and enjoyment of our work and in our lives. 

How we work:

  • We have the flexibility of working from anywhere by being fully remote.
  • We thrive on figuring out HOW to do something.
  • We crave autonomy within a defined structure.
  • We enjoy working with people to enhance their experience.
  • We love creating and following effective processes and systems to ensure quality.
  • We want to grow as a human and in our positions.

Are you perfect for our team?

This is what you need to have/be to be perfect for Team SOSI:

  • Respectful manner of contribution and communication
  • Be an independent team player who gets satisfaction by seeing others succeed
  • Shares company values and adheres to company policies
  • Great listening skills to ensure avoidance of miscommunication
  • Fluent English communication, both verbal and written (phone, email, text, etc.)
  • Reliable and fast internet connection
  • Attention to detail
  • Tech savvy and the ability to learn new software quickly
  • Let us know your favorite food when you submit your application
  • Be available for meetings online during normal American business hours

Positions Currently Open

We’re hiring! If you think you’d be a great fit for the School of Self-Image, check out our full list of open positions. We’d love for you to come work with us!


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