The Royal Treatment




day three

EAT Like a Queen

Morning Moment

Grab your workbook and give yourself 5 minutes to reflect on today’s questions before you begin your day.

Share Your Insights

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Share what you’re noticing, which dots you’re starting to connect, and your ideas for eating like a Queen today.

Treatment Session

Evening Reboot

a note from tonya

The best diet in the world does not involve obsessive calorie counting, restriction, binging, surgery, pills or shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It doesn’t involve hours in the gym or a “no pain, no gain” way of life.

It’s simply a matter of love.

My question is …

What would you choose to eat tomorrow if you chose from a place of love? Pick one meal and decide:

Where will you be?

How will you present your food?

And how will you go about eating it?

Decide with love. Follow through tomorrow. Then, tell us how it goes.

Sweet dreams,


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