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Hi there!

I’m Tonya Leigh,

It’s lovely to meet you.

For over a decade, I’ve been coaching women to live stylish, creative and bold lives by changing how they see themselves.

As someone who has completely changed my own self-image, I know what it takes to change one’s self.

Years ago, I hid behind my weight, my family and my work.

My self-image was one of insecurity, fear and not-enoughness.

I went on diets to lose the weight only to struggle to keep it off.

I created budgets to “get rich” only to overspend and go into  debt.

I tried to meditate to calm my mind only to lose it and scream at my daughter and then feel like the worst mother ever.

I tried looking stylish only to laugh at myself in the mirror and  resort back to baggy jeans.

I was convinced that something was wrong with me, and I was really good at proving that true.

Now I know the truth:

I wasn’t broken but my self-image was.

All that changed one night while I was working as a critical care nurse when a doctor asked me on our 2AM coffee break,

“Tonya, who do you want to be?”

I immediately told him, “A good wife, nurse and mother.”

“No, I’m not talking about the roles you play in life. Who do you want to be as a woman?”

I didn’t have an answer. Honestly, I didn’t think I had a choice.

Wasn’t I just who I was?

Did I have a say in the matter?

Could I really CHOOSE?

I couldn’t stop thinking about his question.

While driving home the next morning, the answer came to me.

I wanted to be a woman who wasn’t intimidated by designer boutiques or fancy labels. A woman who believed in herself. A woman who could converse about business, the arts or many subject matters.

Of course, my brain went a bit crazy convincing me of all the reasons why this was impossible...

You grew up in a trailer.
You’re 50 pounds overweight.
You have such a thick Southern accent.
You’ve never traveled outside of a few states.
You don’t have an Ivy League education.
You’re not smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough.

But, another part of me wondered what it would be like to become this woman.

Little by little — I started to think like her, dress like her, show up like her, and create surroundings that felt like her.

And, today I can look in the mirror and honestly say, “I’ve become her.”

Becoming her has completely changed my life — incredible relationships, a thriving company, a greater sense of well-being, more confidence and joy. And, yes, I lost the weight and have kept it off for years without dieting or drama.

This is the power of elevating your self-image.

As a Self-Image Coach, helping a woman change her self-image is my specialty.

Nothing delights me more than seeing a woman see herself as extraordinary, because I know that her possibilities are endless.

In working with women who want more out of life, one thing is perfectly clear:

You must create an extraordinary self-image to create an extraordinary life.

And inside the School of Self-Image, that’s exactly what I help women do.

What is the School of Self-Image?

Many women see themselves as less than who they truly desire to be.

They see themselves as overwhelmed, too old, frumpy, overweight, lazy, shy, not enough.

How we define ourselves will either move us forward or keep us stuck in familiar patterns and situations.

If you want to know how to create an extraordinary life — more adventure, more money, more love, more of the good stuff — the School of Self-Image is your answer.

An exclusive coaching membership for elevating your self-image and living your life fully expressed.

Are you ready to:

See yourself as smart, remarkable, beautiful, and powerful?

Think highly of yourself — full of self-respect and self-love?

Know yourself deeply — what you love, what turns you on, what lights you up?

Show up on purpose — how you dress, how you carry yourself, how you use your time?

Look in the mirror and really love the image reflected back to you?

See yourself as the remarkable woman that you are?

The School of Self-Image is the first coaching membership of its kind that dives into the three crucial areas for elevating your self-image:

1. Extraordinary Mindset

This is all about: How you think about yourself. Your habits. Your actions. How you think about others. How you see the world. And how you see yourself!

2. Extraordinary Style

This is all about: What you wear. How you wear it. How you walk into a room. How you respond. How you communicate. The way you express yourself. Flare. Panache. How to be uniquely YOU.

3. Extraordinary Surroundings

This is all about: Your home. Your environment. The books you read. Your music. What inspires you. The places you visit. The foods you eat. The delights that give you joy.

In the School of Self-Image, we don’t just talk about change …

We EMBODY change by how we show up, the small daily choices we make, and the thoughts we choose.

And, the world reflects our self-image back to us.

Are you ready to decide what the world reflects back?

You only have this one life - why not make it extraordinary?

In the School of Self-Image We Live an Extraordinary Life

By focusing on...

Living life fully expressed, not living in our own shadow.

Creating our life, not fixing our life.

Showing up on purpose, instead of haphazard living.

Our internal power, not external circumstances.

Solutions, not problems.


Extraordinary Mindset
Extraordinary Style
Extraordinary Surroundings

Because we embrace the extraordinary women we truly are.

In a World of Self-Help,
How Is The School of Self-Image Different?

Personal development programs focus on your inner world — managing your thoughts and emotions, thinking positively, setting goals, taking action.

Image consultants focus on improving what you see in the mirror — get a new haircut, wear "summer" colors, sit up straight, look people in the eyes.

At the School of Self-Image, we FOCUS ON BOTH because what good is a beautiful dress if you don’t feel confident wearing it? And, what good is a positive thought if you aren’t expressing it?

That’s why Tonya has taken over a decade of experience as a Self-Image Coach as well as her knowledge in the field of image and style and put them together to create the School of Self-Image.

You can only create to the edge of your self-image. Are you ready to expand how you see yourself, and, as a result, elevate the quality of your life?

In this one-of-a-kind membership program, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Tonya’s Official Bio

Tonya Leigh is a Self-Image Coach who has an uncontainable passion to inspire women to live their most EXTRAORDINARY life. She’s spent over a decade coaching women around the world who seek to create their lives from a place of joy, passion and love.

Tonya has translated her personal biography and coaching expertise into elegant experiences for women around the globe.

Through her writings about feminine wisdom on the topics of mind, style, and surroundings, her dynamic immersion programs, and her in-person events and experiences that include wildly extravagant dinner parties and life-changing excursions, she’s grown a movement of women who wholeheartedly and completely embrace their extraordinary selves.

As the Founder and CEO of French Kiss Life, Inc., and The School of Self-Image, Tonya has worked with Oprah and the IKEA Life Improvement Project and has spoken to global audiences on a wide array of topics ranging from being a strong, feminine woman in today’s world to embracing entrepreneurship as a fun and spiritual journey.