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What others have to say about Tonya:
Manuela Orban
French Kiss Life, the podcast, and the program Slim, Chic, and Savy have been the most elegant and effective vehicles for elevating my self and my life and for giving myself permission to embrace my desires for beauty, elegance, style, romance, luxury, achievement, and prosperity. Since discovering this approach to self and life, I have upped my standards for self care, wardrobe, organization, showing up for myself, showing up fully in my work, the foods I put in my body, the regular exercise I gift my body, but most importantly, I elevated the quality of my thoughts. FKL taught me that I can create anything I want by the thoughts that I practice and that behind every feeling and all aspects of my reality and experience are thoughts/beliefs. FKL is not a destination, it is a practice, a daily practice, so there is always growth and improvement. I am so grateful for Tonya’s work.
Linda Shortino Kaip
Tonya is the real deal. She will help you change your life dramatically for the better. If you are uncertain, tentative about making the investment, scared about how much time it might require... have the courage to do it. Commit to yourself that you are ready to explore a new way of being and Tonya will be guiding you with insights and encouragement during your journey with a dose of glamour and style. You will emerge wiser, more empowered, and truer to your real self than you have felt in years! Go for it! It’s life-changing!
Linda Shortino Kaip
Hayley Routley
I love that Tonya lives what she preaches and that she is real about life. She presents her coaching and inspiration with a sense of humour, practical and actionable change and she is dedicated to bringing out the best in each person. I also really love the online community of likeminded people who bring more inspiration to my life.
Alison Griffiths
Tonya is a vibrant, positive and inspirational person. Her passion for the French Kiss Life, the ladies who saunter into her salons and all those who take pleasure in her every podcast is tremendous; Tonya literally lights a flame within each of us to be and do our best to live, love and luxuriate in our lives. A true professional Tonya not only talks the talk, she walks, runs, giggles, falls, embraces, cellabrates and truly enjoys the walk as she goes. Thank you Tonya x
Alison Griffiths
Rebekah Neal
Tonya Leigh is an amazing woman, she feels like a friend! I laugh with her, I work with her, we go on walks and runs together. Her podcasts are my go-to when I need something positive and helpful. It’s amazing to finally see women loving themselves, being brave and really looking at their lives and figuring out what they really want and going after it!!

Live a life so abundant that

everyday feels like a grand romance.