The most important story you’ll ever tell is the one about yourself.

Why not make it extraordinary?

Change your self-image,
change your life.

This is the story of a woman
who swapped the ordinary for extraordinary

School of Self-Image Coaching Collective

Who said yes to her unfiltered desires, after years of settling for good enough …

Who went all-in on her dreams, instead of waiting for the courage to make them happen …

Who decided to stop playing the game of impressing others … when she could have more fun impressing herself …

And refused to let one more month, week or minute go by without bringing pleasure and delight along for the ride.

It’s the story – and the adventure – of a lifetime.

The question is …
Are you ready to write yours?

The most important story you’ll
ever tell is the one about yourself.

Why not make it extraordinary?

Change your self-image,
change your life.

For the woman who is tired, uninspired
and underwhelmed by her own life …

Do you remember the day you stopped seeing yourself as anything less than extraordinary?

When you agreed to settle for the predictable routines, same-old surroundings and uninspiring experiences that make up your days?

When your future went from limitless to take what you can get (and be grateful for it)?

When you began to look around at your life and wonder:

“How did it get to this?”
“Is this all there is?”

… Or, for the lucky ones:
“Life is pretty good … so why aren’t I happy like I thought I would be?”

When did you buy into the story that the life you really want was meant for someone else … but not for you?

It’s a story you may not be aware of.
You almost certainly aren’t telling it on purpose.
But it’s there — and it’s shaping everything about you.


What does your most extraordinary life
look, feel and taste like?

Do you want more energy, more spaciousness … or more excitement in your days?

Do you want to be the woman who can strut into any room and instantly hold her own?

Do you crave richer conversations, more adventure, more pleasure?

Do you want to delight in the world around you, explore new places, meet new faces … and become a worldly woman — with amazing stories to prove it?

Do you dream of being a business owner? An investor? The most valuable (and well-paid) team member in your department … or of starting a new career altogether?

Do you wish you could be more present with your family and able to enjoy those moments with the ones you love?

Do you want to spend and save with intention — and become a financially secure, wealthy woman who uses money to create what she loves and make the world a better place?

Do you want to get out of your own way, stop beating yourself up, and be the kind of woman who makes herself proud every day?

Do you desire a home that inspires you, a healthy routine that makes you excited to follow through …

Or an intentional closet that inspires you to show up as the best version of you?

But if you’ve been struggling to create it,
you are not the problem. Your self-image is.

It's time to stop thinking about your
extraordinary life and start creating it.

This is what you'll do inside the

Your School of Self-Image Membership includes:

The Self-Image Method

This powerful, 5-step process shows you exactly how to change your life one thoughtful choice and action at a time. You’ll use the method to guide you to show up for yourself in new and inspiring ways and to create your first Extraordinary Goal.


Each month, we drop a gem into your membership with one purpose: to take your self-image work to the next level. With a beautiful workbook in hand and mindset at the helm, you’ll have a laser-focused practice for the month.

Live Q&A and Coaching Calls

Whether you or one of your peers are being coached, you’ll walk away from coaching calls with an elevated self-image and breakthroughs on what’s keeping you stuck. The Q&A call is your opportunity to ask your burning questions and get clarification on the month’s topic so you can confidently move forward.


Every month, I invite members into my life with a behind-the-scenes video glimpse into how I am implementing this work. These unscripted moments provide an intimate look at my own journey – both the triumphs and the struggles – of redefining my self-image.

Members-Only Community

Elevating who you spend your time with is key to unlocking new possibilities in your life. The Members-Only Community is a supportive, inspiring, judgment-free place to share wins, struggles, and stories. It’s where you get questions answered by women who have been where you are and get it.

My “after” is a fairytale – I feel fabulous.”

"When I started this program, I felt like a plain Jane mama. I was in 'to do' mode, chasing, and not experiencing the real joy of now. My life felt like it was on repeat, and I felt like I was just existing. I exerted so much energy trying to keep up, and felt as if I was pushing so hard with minimal results to show.

My ‘after’ is a fairytale – I feel fabulous. Once I fixed my mindset, everything seem to flow with ease. I learned how to swim, signed up for a holiday home, said yes to two new roles within the same company, revamped my look, and did this all with so much ease. I look back and it's safe to say that this year, I really have lived into my word, intentional.

I feel amazing and I am no longer the same woman I was when I started this program. I love the woman that stares back at me in the mirror so dearly!"

vanessa s.

You can only ever create to
the edge of your self-image.

Because however you see and think about yourself, the world will reflect it right back to you.

Your self-image is a mental picture you keep in your head that drives the stories you tell about yourself, how you interact with others, the goals you create, the clothes you choose, the places you go, the amount of money you earn and how you spend it, how you treat your body, who you date and marry, and what you believe is possible for you.

Simply put: your self-image is shaping your entire life.

  • It’s why you can trythinking positive thoughts” but still feel stuck … when you don’t truly see yourself as worthy of what you want.
  • It’s why all those attempts to “fix” yourself only make you feel more broken… when a part of you still believes you always will be.
  • And it’s why so many of your days feel like a bland mix of heavy, hard, boring or indifferent ...

… Meanwhile? Living — and creating — your extraordinary life is supposed to feel fun!

(And if you’re doing it right, you’ll be turned all the way on.)

“The School of Self-Image has changed how I will live the rest of my life. I wish I had learned all this in my 20's.”

I was on the threshold of retiring – I didn't feel in touch with my femininity and wanted to lose weight. My children had moved away, and I felt I had lost my joy of living and spent a lot of time people-pleasing.

Since joining, friends who haven't seen me for a while comment that I seem glowing and different. I no longer feel stagnant or helpless and I’m evolving and confidently upgrading what is important to me in life.

I have edited my thoughts, clothes, house, and my social life, giving me more energy and time for the things I love to do. I’m learning to control my thought processes, and have taken up things I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence to try. My relationship with my husband has improved so much, and a little bit of The School of Self-Image has rubbed off on him, too.

What a ride and incredible journey this has been. It has completely refocused how I think about my life. I’m now really excited about every minute of the day and the people I have around me.”

Susan O

This is the part where I tell you my
extraordinary before and after story …

If we haven’t met, my name is Tonya Leigh, Master Self-Image Coach and Founder of the School of Self-Image.

I have a confession: I used to be an expert at telling stories about myself – I’m not smart enough, disciplined enough, or interesting enough – and proving them to be true.

I would spend all my energy thinking and wishing for what I wanted, from a new career and a thriving business to a loving relationship with my body and a closet of clothes I felt amazing in.

But, because I kept seeing myself as a woman who struggled, wasn’t good enough, wasn’t ready or deserving… I proved myself right again and again:

  • I would lose weight and gain it back.
  • I would move forward in my business and then hide (or lose momentum) when it got tough.
  • I would say I wanted time for myself but continued to prioritize other people’s needs, leaving no time for myself.
  • I chose small, ordinary goals that never stretched me meaningfully, like making an extra $10K, losing 10 pounds, or “just getting organized.”

Meanwhile, my life had shrunk to match my small opinion of myself.

Fixing myself wasn’t working. Punishing and depriving myself didn’t produce the results I wanted, and I often ended up worse off than when I started.

But the day that I decided to see myself as extraordinary was the day that I began to change my life.

It was the day that I began writing a new story …

And it’s better than anything I could have ever imagined.

"I’m amazed at the turnaround I see in myself in just a month – I’m excited to see myself a year from now.

“Since joining The School of Self-Image, I have been able to get clear on exactly what my goals are. Before, I was out of alignment with many areas of my life. Today, I have a plan — and I feel connected and enthusiastic about my life and where I’m headed.

I show up with purpose, my style has changed, I take pride in myself, and I carefully consider choices with pause and poise before confidently moving forward.

Tonya knows just exactly how to pose a question, or drop a tidbit of personal experience that makes things click, and your next best step becomes clear. I am finally putting myself first.”

jen c.

What would your life be like if you truly saw
yourself as extraordinary?

You would refuse to believe the ordinary thoughts that tell you:

I just can’t get organized
Eating well is so hard for me
There’s never enough time
I need to lose weight before I …
The only way to get what I want is hard work and lots of it
People like me don’t get to have things like that
I don’t know how to …

I’m not outgoing or interesting enough
I could never wear that
I’m just not good with money
I keep screwing this up
I don’t belong here
It’s too late
I’m not qualified
They’ll see right through me

Instead, you would ...

Influence your thoughts, emotions and behaviors to create exactly what you want in your life.

Know yourself deeply — what you love, what turns you on, what lights you up … and what dulls your shine.

Because everything you do comes from a place of self-respect and self-love.

Because you are committed to showing up on purpose — from how you dress, to the way you carry yourself, how you use your time, and how you communicate.

Because you see yourself as smart, remarkable, beautiful … and utterly extraordinary. Not someday. But today.

Inside the School of Self-Image, you will:

Remove the barriers that stand between you and your most extraordinary life, by getting clear on what you truly desire and becoming the woman who is capable of creating it.

Create your magnetic personal style and unapologetically show up on your own terms: from your confidence to your clothing, to what you say and how you move through the world.

Elevate every aspect of your surroundings: because your home, the company you keep, and the places you go can and should inspire you.

Finally, put a stop to the mental and emotional drama that drains your energy, keeps you stuck, and makes you feel anything less than extraordinary.

Start living your life, instead of merely tolerating it. More pleasure, more excitement, more adventure … or something else? You get to choose, and when you join, you’ll get to work on making it come true.

The School of Self-Image is where you’ll commit to taking action — and watch your life expand as your self-image rises to the occasion:

“This is the complete package … there is so much value between the price and what is offered.”

“I was enticed by the three elements Tonya focuses on in The School of Self-Image: mindset, surroundings, and style — because everything we encounter in life involves one or more of those things. Inside the membership, each woman gets to focus on the element she most wants to focus on, as we are all in different places in our lives.

Through Tonya's classes, I’ve been able to identify the negative thoughts holding me back and come up with new empowering ones that speak of my capability. I no longer participate in the negative mental spirals that used to delay my moving forward, and my confidence level has grown tremendously.

I now have an arsenal of empowering thoughts that I use on a daily basis to encourage myself and others around me. It is a complete package, and there is so much value between the price and what is offered."

angela c.


Does dreaming big overwhelm and scare you?

Learn a proven framework to create your dreams 30 days at a time.

The Dream Atelier is designed to help you name, claim and create your extraordinary goal: the kind of goal that won’t just change your life , it will change you in the process … 30 days at a time?

Here’s how it works:

While dreams inspire you … your goals will change you. (And, when you take action on your plans, your dreams come true.)

This week, you will decide on your dream and then map out how you will start creating it … in the next 30 days.

Once you’ve chosen your extraordinary goal, you’ll design a clear plan for success, broken down into simple, doable “dream steps”.

When it comes to your dreams, one thing is certain: there will be obstacles. (If there weren’t, you’d have already created your dream.)

So don’t let your obstacles be a reason to quit or delay your dream. Prepare for them instead.

You’ll learn how to consistently show up for your dreams when you say you will — so you can create more and enjoy your life in the process.

Why do some people accomplish their dreams … while others never do?

 They have an emotional fuel that’s pulling, inspiring, and driving them past the fears that hold them back, slow them down, and keep them stuck.

 And so can you. You’ll master the art of managing your mind and emotions… and put yourself back in control of your dreams.

To turn your dreams into reality, you must think on purpose, as a creator would.

And, to create something you’ve never had, you must become someone you’ve never been.

You will train your mind to be future-focused instead of dwelling on your stories and beliefs from the past.

Because practicing “new thinking” is just as important as your action list. The good news is – you get to pick and choose the thoughts that will drive you forward and pull you towards your dream life… one step at a time.

“Not only did I achieve the “dream income” I wanted … I almost quadrupled it.”

“Listening to one of Tonya Leigh’s podcasts today about extraordinary goals and embodying your future self by becoming her today lit a fire inside me. I had two extraordinary goals last year when I started SOSI. One was around weight and wellness and I achieved it faster than I could ever have imagined.

My other goal was around finances and increasing my earning power by a specific amount of money. This was more problematic as I’m nearing retirement age and I had absolutely NO IDEA how one could achieve the goal I was putting out there. I decided that I would not stop believing it would happen and trust the process.

Lo and behold, it happened! Not only did I achieve earning the “ dream number “ that I wanted, I almost QUADRUPLED it. And I did it in better physical shape than when I started. I get goosebumps when I think about it.”

denise m.

Join monthly or yearly, the choice is yours …

But going all-in on an annual membership certainly has its perks:


Charm The Room

A cult-favorite course on how to be confident, connected, and captivating in any setting. Feel at home with anyone, in any room (it starts with learning to feel at home with yourself).


The Wealthy Woman

Discover how to let go of all the “not enough-ness” you feel about money and get comfortable with creating wealth and living with abundance – taught by a woman who went from the trailer to building millions in net worth.


Slim Self-Image

This premium course helps you lose weight by transforming your self-image. It's a completely different approach to weight loss, where we focus on creating a self-image of health, beauty, and vitality.

Plus … VIP Cocktail Parties AND 14% Savings!

Ready to join us in the ...

What members are saying:

Join us month-to-month or choose “annual” for best-value (and VIP goodies) …

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The Self-Image Method Training 

NEW Class Every Month

Monthly Coaching and Q&A Calls

Monthly Behind The Scenes

Members-Only Community

Bonus Program: The Dream Atelier

Daily 5 Journaling Practice

… and so much more!

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Everything included in “monthly” PLUS …

 VIP Virtual Cocktail Parties

Bonus Program: Charm the Room

Bonus Program: The Wealthy Woman

Bonus Program: Slim Self-Image

And … 14% savings
(Save $167)

“The School of Self-Image is outstanding in every way. I love everything about it.”

I love the monthly themes and coaching, and the classes are amazing. I love that you can learn about self-care, your environment, time management, and your body image to elevate your energy and self-confidence. Listening to Tonya’s lessons when I am down or discouraged makes me feel 80% better than before, but my biggest takeaway has been how to edit my own thoughts. I’ve found my “happy” again.

Tonya gives so much to her members with a wealth of resources, coaching, experience, and dedication to help us become the women we are capable of being. I love the way she coaches us through different themes each month, and just when you have a favorite she releases something better.

Join — it is the best decision you will make.

dianne c.

Wondering what kind of women say YES to the School of Self-Image?

The School of Self-Image is for:

The woman who wants more progress

Because running in place or spinning in circles is no way to live. It's time to turn your energy toward creating a life that's better than even your best daydreams.

You are ready to look back 3, 6, 12 months from now and be astounded: not just by what you've accomplished, but who you've become in the process.

The woman who seeks more pleasure

Because you can create whatever you desire, wherever you are ... whether you’re doing the dishes or enjoying a fabulous 5-course dinner under the stars.

From the freshly-cut flowers on your kitchen counter, to the once-in-a-lifetime moments that take your breath away — you are ready to bring more magic and je ne sais quoi to your days.

The woman who is tired of being unsure or confused

Because the woman who trusts that she has her own back is never unsure. She is curious, creative, and ready to meet whatever the next step may bring her.

You are done with second-guessing yourself and are ready to become the kind of woman who boldly decides to go for it — perfection be damned.

The woman who is done with merely dreaming

Because while imagination is a beautiful thing, the reality you can create is so much more exciting. You are ready to be supported as you take small & inspired steps (with the occasional big leap) toward your version of extraordinary.

Even more? You are ready to begin living the kind of life you'll look back on when you're 80 — and still fabulous — with pride.

The woman who wants to experience all that her life has to offer

No more waiting on the sidelines or hiding behind the scenes. After all, it's your life — and you are the leading lady.

You're ready to put your desires and needs center-stage: more of what you love, more to look forward to, and more time making memories you'll treasure for the rest of your life (with incredible stories to boot).

The woman who is ready to meet her most extraordinary self

Because you know there’s a gap between what you're capable of and how you're showing up each day. (And you’ve realized that beating yourself up about it isn’t the fix you’ve been hoping for.)

You are ready to move through the world like a woman who believes she is deserving of everything she desires, and who knows she is more than enough — in fact, she is extraordinary.

… Your life is yours for the making — and inside The School of Self-Image, you’ll tweak, elevate, shift and edit your way to something truly extraordinary.

Still looking for answers?

Questions women ask us about the
School of Self-Image:

How does The School of Self-Image work?

The School of Self-Image is an online membership, and you can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. 

As long as you're a member, you'll have access to:

  • A new Class and live Q&A Session with Tonya each month, accompanied by a beautiful workbook and a “Behind The Scenes” with Tonya. On the live Q&A Session, Tonya will answer questions submitted in advance by members about this month’s topic.
  • Two live Coaching Calls with Tonya each month. You can participate by submitting your questions ahead of time for a chance to be coached by Tonya on the call, or listen in while others are coached. You can attend live, or watch the recordings of each month's Coaching Calls and Q&A Sessions at your leisure.
  • A curated selection of our cult-favorite programs and masterclasses, including The Dream Atelier and The Art of Discipline.

You’ll have access to all of this for as long as you are an active member, plus access to the entire collection of previous SOSI Classes on style, mindset, surroundings — almost 2 years and counting! — Monthly “Behind the Scenes”, and all past Coaching Session recordings.

If you join on a month-to-month basis, you can cancel at any time. But, after experiencing what’s inside ... we think you’ll want to stick around for a while! 

If you’re all in, choose the “annual” option to receive instant access to monthly VIP-only Cocktail parties with Tonya, The Art of Charm, The Wealthy Woman, and receive 2 months of membership free.

I’ve signed up for so many programs and tried so many things. Will this work for me?

If you’ve already bought the courses, listened to podcasts, read all the self-help books and feel like things still aren’t changing … you are in the perfect place. (And, know this: you are not the problem.)

The School of Self-Image is for the woman who is done with trying to fix herself. It’s for the woman who is ready to set goals that inspire her and stretch her — because she knows that who she becomes along the way is the most exciting part. And it’s for the woman who is ready for an entirely different approach to creating her life, day by day, with the framework and support to match.

Whether this is the very first online program you’ve ever taken or the 100th, there is nothing else available like the School of Self-Image. (I know because I tried to find it — and when I couldn't, I created it!) 

There is nowhere else, either in-person or online, where you will learn how to elevate your Style, Surroundings and Mindset to help you cultivate a life that matches your personal definition of extraordinary. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And it works!

What will each month look like for me, inside The School of Self-Image?

Each month in The School of Self-Image brings an exciting new topic to explore. This helps you focus, simplify and apply what you're learning to elevate your self-image (and, ultimately, change your life).

  • On the 1st day of each month, you’ll be able to access the month’s class, gorgeous workbook, and the monthly call schedule.
  • On the 2nd week of each month, we host a live 60-minute Q&A Session. This is where you can ask questions about the month's topic. You can also submit questions before the class, in case you can’t attend live.
  • There are two live coaching calls during the final two weeks of each month. Even if you don’t receive coaching, these calls are powerful in helping you learn how to coach yourself in elevating your self-image. 
  • You'll also receive a monthly behind-the-scenes video with Tonya each month. This is where you can catch a fun glimpse of what inspired the topic for the month, and how Tonya is personally practicing the ideas and tools she shares in her own life.

You can follow the monthly schedule above or carve your own path inside the membership, based on whatever topic you wish to explore first. You have instant access to all of the previous classes and coaching calls, and all of the programs and masterclasses included in your membership. 

Upon joining, we recommend beginning with our Extraordinary Goal Training and The Dream Atelier to create a plan for what you want to focus on, and how to spend your time inside The School of Self-Image to get closer to what you desire most.

I have so much going on right now; my schedule is packed! Will I have enough time for this?

The wonderful thing is that as long as you are a member, you will have ongoing access. So you can spend as little or as much time as you need, and explore the topics at your leisure.

The monthly calls are scheduled and recorded, so you can make room in your calendar for those in advance — and recordings are always available for you to watch at your convenience. Plus, with our private members-only podcast feed, you can listen to the audio for each Monthly Class, Coaching Call and Q&A Session while on the go.

But remember: the real shifts occur when you’re out living your life and applying what you’re learning! That’s why The School of Self-Image is not another program to consume, waiting until you’re “ready” to go out and finally start living. This is a support system and framework to help you show up for yourself and your life more powerfully, right from the moment you join.

Do I need to have a specific goal regarding weight loss, money, relationships, etc. to make the most of this membership?

Many of our members join the membership with a specific goal or desire in mind, while others simply know that there is more to life (even if they’re not sure what that is yet).

If you have a specific goal, perfect! The School of Self-Image will help you achieve it. And if you don’t quite know what you want — but you have a craving for more — whether it be fun, progress, connection, elegance, clarity, luxury or all of the above — that’s perfect too. We’ll help you figure out your path inside The School of Self-Image. 

If anything we’ve said or shared before resonates with you, then The School of Self-Image is for you.

Is the program worth $97/month?

If you know deep down that you need to transform how you see yourself you will not find another program out there that focuses on elevating your self-image at this investment.

Tonya has taken over a decade worth of studying, coaching and real life experiences and created a comprehensive membership program that creates massive transformation.

When you think about what you spend $100/month on, joining the School of Self-Image is one of the greatest investments you could make in yourself.

I’m happy with who I am, including my style and surroundings. Is this membership for me?

Of course!  In fact, you are one step ahead, because you must first accept yourself in order to change yourself. 

(And remember: style and surroundings aren’t just about the clothes you wear or how you decorate your home. It’s how you show up in the world and create an environment that helps you be and experience your best, every day.)

If you’ve struggled to reach goals and create lasting change, elevating your self-image is key.  Plus, extraordinary women are always wanting to evolve, because they know that they only have this one life and they want to see what’s possible. At the School of Self-Image, you will discover exciting new ways to grow and show up even more powerfully.

“I am now living my extraordinary life daily.”

“Following a family tragedy, I realized I was not in charge of several areas of my life. I knew things needed to change – that I needed to change. Therapy didn’t seem to be helping, and I felt like I was just going in circles.

The School of Self-Image came along at the perfect time, and the number one outcome I was seeking was to run my life, not let it run me.

Now, I am creating my masterpiece of living an extraordinary life daily. I have gained not only the confidence but also the desire to try new things. Some are big, like a career change, and others are small like wearing brighter colors. I’m no longer rushing through life and have gained so much more than time.

If you’re thinking of joining, do it! What are you waiting for?”

deb d.

If you have ever questioned whether it’s OK to want what you want …

To chase after your most beautiful, exciting life … to go against the grain and experience more:

More beauty, more adventure, more luxury … more of what sets your soul on fire …

The answer is no. It’s not OK.

It is essential. Unless you want to wake up one day and realize you’ve lived a life on autopilot — or under someone else’s definition of what and who you should be.

Don’t let anyone else decide for you. Refuse to sleepwalk through your life.

Because you’ve only got one left.

So let’s create something extraordinary with it.

I’m ready when you are.

With love,

Ready to join us in the ...

Join us month-to-month or choose “annual” for best-value (and VIP goodies) …

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The Self-Image Method Training 

NEW Class Every Month

Monthly Coaching and Q&A Calls

Monthly Behind The Scenes

Members-Only Community

Bonus Program: The Dream Atelier

Daily 5 Journaling Practice

… and so much more!

best value


per year
save $167!

Everything included in “monthly” PLUS …

VIP Virtual Cocktail Parties

Bonus Program: Charm the Room

Bonus Program: The Wealthy Woman

Bonus Program: Slim Self-Image

And … 14% savings
(Save $167)

“I’m finally starting to feel like the woman I was made to be.”

“Before The School of Self-Image, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I dressed in clothes that were easy and inexpensive, I was overspending and overeating, and I was constantly trying to compensate for what I thought I was lacking. I felt unworthy, ugly, unlovable, and like a failure, because I never finished what I started.

After nearly three months in The School of Self-Image, I am shocked at my own transformation and what I've accomplished. I finally got a new haircut that flatters my face shape, upgraded my wardrobe and cleaned out old clothes, and bought new glasses that don't take over my face. I have an interview scheduled for a huge promotion that I probably wouldn't have even applied for as my old self.

I feel more confident and calm than I have in months, and I've stopped selling myself short and am learning how to stop beating myself up.

Most importantly, I've learned how to make results-driven goals and have achieved every milestone and weekly and monthly goal I've set since starting the program. I’m finally starting to feel like the woman I was made to be.”