Are you over the constant weight loss struggle and all that it entails?

Dieting. Deprivation. Efforting.

Followed by…

Rebellion. Overindulging. Giving up.

I hear you. I see you.

And, yet, you probably don’t know a different way.

It’s become a part of your identity, and that’s the problem.

You cannot outperform your identity.

This is where the diet industry has failed us. They tell you what to do, but they don’t address who you have to become.

The mind is a powerful thing and always seeks to stay in harmony with its self-image.

So, you can cut out the carbs, go the gym, but if you continue to see yourself as a woman with a weight loss problem, you’ll eventually create that result for yourself.

You need a fresh approach that addresses
the real issue: your self-image.

Your self-image is a mental picture you keep in your head that drives the stories you tell about yourself, how you interact with others, the goals you create, the clothes you choose, the places you go, the amount of money you earn and how you spend it, how you treat your body, who you date and marry, and what you believe is possible for you.

Simply put: your self-image is shaping your entire life, including your dress size.



We reinvent ourselves to expand what’s possible.

After years of women asking us, we have taken the self-image work and applied it specifically to an area that creates so much negativity in a woman’s life: weight.

It’s called:

You will learn an elegant 5-step process to shed what’s weighing you down and reveal the “slim” you.

We will focus on these 3 Pillars:

A Slim Mindset:

What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body.

We are going to change our thoughts to that of a slim woman.

Slim Style:

Style is how you communicate who you are to the world.

Are you hiding behind your clothes? Are you waiting to lose weight to invest in your wardrobe?

What story is that confirming about yourself?

If you want to change how you see yourself, change what you’re saying to the world with your style

Slim Surroundings:

Your home. Your car. The people you hang out with. The books you read. The music you listen to. The shows you watch. The foods you choose. The places you visit.

Everything that surrounds you is sending you a message. What is it?

In the Slim Self-Image, we’ll reshape your surroundings to reflect a slimmer you.

If you want to BE Slim, you must learn how to THINK Slim.

This is NOT a diet.

This is NOT a meal plan.

This is NOT a workout routine.

I mean, how well have those things worked for you long-term in the past?

This is a completely different approach to weight loss where we will focus on creating a self-image of health, beauty, and vitality.

You will learn to THINK and LIVE like a SLIM woman.

Are you ready to dive in with me?

If so, we want to give you the opportunity to join us. All you need to do is sign up for an Annual Membership in the School of Self-Image.

As the course begins on June 19th, there will be a live, weekly group coaching call dedicated to the Slim Self-Image process with myself and our Community Manager and Weight Loss Coach, Laura, for 8 weeks.



After gaining over 70 pounds and trying everything from the Zone to Skinny Bitch and developing an eating disorder in the process, I finally realized one major insight around weight loss:

If you want to lose weight, you must stop thinking like an overweight person.

Through science-backed neuroscience and the French culture that focuses on eating for pleasure, I felt like I cracked the weight loss code.

Working with Laura, I’ve put it all together in this brand new course, available only with the School of Self-Image VIP membership.


Like many women, I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. None of the traditional diet or exercise routines worked, especially long term. In 2018, I was introduced to the concepts of mindset and self-image work, which turned my whole life around. After losing over 50 lbs with my newfound skill set, I became a certified coach so I could help other women make the same transformations I did.

Before joining the School of Self-Image Team, I coached women one-on-one in my program, Weight Loss Thru Mindset. I'm thrilled to bring my expertise from both my personal journey and my coaching experience to the Slim Self-Image. 

There will also be a dedicated, private Slim Self-Image Facebook Group where you can get extra support and coaching as well as celebrate with your fellow members who are on this journey with you.

The best news of all?

Even though our doors are technically closed, I didn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to participate in this brand-new course, so we’re opening the doors for a short time (only at the annual level) so you can join us!

If you want to be able to participate in the Slim Self-Image and the 8 weeks of live coaching when it begins on June 19th, you can join now with an Annual Membership.

Joining the School of Self-Image as an Annual Member will give you access to the entire membership as well as ALL our Platinum VIP Perks:


Shed what’s weighing you down with a completely different approach to weight loss, so you can live at your ideal weight for good


Become charming and confident in any
social situation 


Cultivate a mindset of abundance with money and finances and grow your net worth


Plus, you get Monthly Gold VIP Cocktail Parties and 2 months of membership for free!

What would your life be like if you truly saw yourself as extraordinary?

Imagine the relationships you’d have, the jobs you’d go for, the goals you’d set, the money you’d make, the well-being you’d create, the amount of joy you’d experience if you refused to buy into any story that was less than extraordinary.

How would you dress, walk into a room, present yourself?

What would be possible for you?

As someone who’s witnessed women go from feeling not-enough to boldly deciding to be extraordinary, I know that the possibilities are endless.

The School of Self-Image is where you will practice becoming the woman who is capable of living your most extraordinary life — and prove yourself right with small, daily actions that add up to something incredible.


Inside The School of Self-Image, you will:

Create your magnetic personal style and unapologetically show up on your own terms: from your confidence to your clothing, to what you say and how you move through the world.

Elevate every aspect of your surroundings: because your home, the company you keep, and the places you go can and should inspire you.

Finally, put a stop to the mental and emotional drama that drains your energy, keeps you stuck, and makes you feel anything less than extraordinary.

Remove the barriers that stand between you and your most extraordinary life, by getting clear on what you truly desire and becoming the woman who is capable of creating it.

Start living your life, instead of merely tolerating it. More pleasure, more excitement, more adventure … or something else? You get to choose, and when you join, you’ll get to work on making it come true.


A School of Self-Image Annual Membership includes ALL the lessons, tools, and skills you need to create your most extraordinary life:

  Self-Image Coaching: Clarify Your Extraordinary Path with Monthly Coaching and Q&A calls

•  The Complete School of Self-Image Collection and Private Members-Only Podcast

•  SOSI Confidential: Behind the Scenes of an Extraordinary Life in the Making

•  The Dream Atelier Course: Name, claim, and create your Extraordinary Goal

•  The Art of Discipline Course: How to bring your dreams to life

•  Extraordinary Goal Workshops: Take steps towards achieving your goal

•  The Daily 3 Journal: A daily practice for cleaning up your mind and showing up on purpose

•  Private Members-Only Society: Take this journey with a community of supportive and inspiring women

•  The Slim Self-Image Course: Shed what’s weighing you down with a completely different approach to weight loss, so you can live at your ideal weight for good

  Charm The Room Course: Become charming and confident in any social situation

•  The Wealthy Woman Course: Cultivate the mindset of abundance with money and finances and grow your net worth

•  Plus, you get Monthly Gold VIP Cocktail Parties and 2 months of membership for free!