I am currently spending my mornings and nights paying homage to life through a book of love letters to everything from my bra to being accountable. Each month, I’ll be releasing one to you, hopefully inspiring you to fall in love with your own life. This month’s love letter? My morning lover.  He’s hot, warm and knows how to treat a woman well. Dear Cup O’ Joe, Like clockwork, I stumbled into the kitchen this morning at 5 a.m., poured your shiny, dark seeds into my grinder and within seconds, watched you crumble into grinds. What a sacrifice you make for me.

I’ve heard people call you a “fix” or, even worse, an addiction. Well, I wish they would convince a whole continent of Europeans who have made a culture out of their morning le café. They don’t seem to be concerned that their adrenals are going to burn out or that some pesticide may have touched the bean.

They simply savor.

I think it’s because they feel for you like I do–in love. The love is not just for you but with how you fit into our lives–you are our often our first stop on a beautiful day.

A fabulous life is made up of loving rituals, and I consider my time alone in the wee morning hours with just me and you to be one of my tiny celebrations of life.  Plus, the little caffeine jolt you give me isn’t bad either.

Sure, if I mindlessly drank you all day, with no regards to whether you’re stale and old or bought the cheapest thing in the stores to get my morning high, that wouldn’t be love. That’s an addiction. Mindlessly and excessively doing anything without reverence to the quality, quantity or the simple act of doing immediately takes something out of the love category and shoves it into insignificance.

You will never be that to me.  In fact, the first thing I do when I wrap my hands around you is take a deep inhale of your nutty flavor.  Only then will I sip.

Then, I don’t gulp you down only to get more. I’ve trained myself to slow down and sip you the way you deserve to be sipped.  And, the fact that over 1.4 billion cups are consumed in one day makes me wonder if the rest of the world should slow down a little too.

And, for the record, sitting down in an outdoor cafe with you and a good book in front of me is one of the happiest moments of my life.  And, one of the reasons that I love shopping for perfume is because between samples, I get to plunge my nose into a tiny crystal bowl of your beans, sniff you and anticipate our next rendevous.

Thank you for being a part of my life. With a love affair like ours, I know you’ll never burn out my adrenals, but even if you do, our time together will have been worth it. However, I think you and I both know that pleasure is key to a healthy relationship with you.  One can’t handle too much of you Joe, because you are one hot and strong dude.  However, in small doses, you make a woman very happy.

Til the Morning,


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