Some friends and I were laughing this weekend in our realization that we are all a little bit of a “hot mess .”

(and honestly, some days, a little more than a little bit!)

Guess what?

That’s what makes us interesting and unique!

The goal is to not have it all together, but to realize you don’t need to in order to do fabulous things.

Perfectionism robs way too many people of living an insanely beautiful and fulfilling life.

Trust me, I spent far too many years thinking that I had to be perfect to live a meaningful life.

I had it so backwards.

I tell my clients often that if they are looking for a mentor who has it together all the time, never makes a mistake and is doing this thing called life perfectly, they better keep on looking.

My mission is to inspire women to feel glorious in the mess.

To me, that’s elegance.

To me, that’s French Kissing Life.

Do I have any fellow beautiful hot messes out there?

And then celebrate with the rest of us in the comments below.



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