When you simplify your schedule, you amplify your life, and sweet success falls quickly into place. 

In the School Of Self-Image, I often talk about the art of the leisurely hustle. An oxymoron, to be sure, it's nonetheless the secret sauce to creating a life that you love. 

Leisurely hustling is more about mindset than anything else. It's also about actionable items like delegation and decisions about taking the time you need to take for yourself. 

It's about the balancing act imperative to self-care and getting things done. 

Creating from a mindset of fear, anxiety, or overwhelm can only lead to frustration and self-sabotage. 

Success happens when we create from a place of tranquility, love, and enthusiasm.

Beliefs that will derail your schedule and get in the way of success: 

  • I'm so behind
  • There isn't enough time
  • I have to get things done
  • There will be time to (rest, relax, read, sleep, eat, journal, workout) tomorrow
  • I can't afford it
  • When I've finally (done the thing), then I'll (do the something) 
  • I'll never make it

Beliefs that lift you up, bolster your success, and simplify everything:

  • Friends and family always take precedence over work
  • I come first
  • There is nothing more important than my health, peace of mind, and wellbeing
  • There's plenty of time
  • I deserve to relax
  • I'm exactly where I need to be
  • I have everything I need right now – including money
  • Feelings rather than goals are what I'm after
  • It (whatever "it is" can wait
  • How important is it – really?

Ladies of leisure have these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in their pockets, and they leisurely float through life on the wings of success. I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but trust me on this one, Ladies. I've learned it the hard way. 

As a result of implementing the leisurely hustle, you'll often find these women having ah-ha moments while lounging by the pool, getting their nails done, or enjoying a late afternoon glass of Chablis with their best friend at a local outdoor café. 

I'm Crystal Clear on What I Won't Sacrifice to Get More Things Done

I'm so grateful for the fantastic team of people who help me keep the School of Self-Image running smoothly – and that doesn't mean that I don't have things to do for you all, my friends, like write this blog, record your weekly podcast, or work on our monthly coaching calls and office hours. 

I get it all done by taking care of myself first. 

Here are just of few nonnegotiable things that come far before anything else:

  • Twice monthly massage sessions 
  • Time with friends and family 
  • Bubble Baths 
  • Reading 
  • Civilized, relaxed meals at the dining table
  • Movie nights 
  • Daily reflection – time to just sit and think 
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Meditation 
  • Mornings that are 100% mine

My morning hours are my sanctuary and are off-limits to outside interruptions. Morning time is the time I set aside to gather myself, consider my day, focus, and center. My morning hours are sacred and fiercely guarded. 

These are my essential self-care items that take precedence over everything else, and I recommend that every woman define hers too.  

Of course, all of our lives are different, and we each have other priorities, responsibilities, and schedules. 

Your time is your time. These things work for me. And, every "perfect schedule" is ideally suited to its maker. 

Yes, I know there are dozens of books out there that say things like you "should" be up by 5 AM, meditate no fewer than 40 minutes a day, or journal as though your life depends on it. Those things work for some people. 

Only you can know what works best for you.

A Few Ideas On How You Can Simplify Your Schedule

Allow me to preface this section by saying that these are the things that work for me. They are ideas for you to run with; and, you should certainly tailor them to your own life circumstances and lifestyle. 

Define Your Sweet Spot 

Over time, I've learned how much I can commit to each day, week, month, and year. I've learned to balance work and social obligations and give myself a little bit of grace by prioritizing time for myself and my family. 

Question Every Invite

There was a time in my life when I felt guilty about saying no when I was invited to do something or go somewhere. I didn't want to be rude, after all. But, in learning how to put myself first, I've learned how to protect my time and energy, guard my family time, and also take care of my business. 

Before saying yes to an invite, be sure to ask yourself: is this event going to fill me up or drain me? Is it essential that I attend? Is this something I want to do, need to do, or feel I should do (pst … it's never a good idea to "should" on yourself!). How important is it, and what would happen if I simply said no? 

Learn The Art of Saying No 

There are three simple rules to the art of saying, "no." 

  1. No explanations are needed – not to anyone and not any time. Explanations are optional.
  2. You don't owe a "yes" to anyone – not ever. 
  3. Be gracious and kind, yes. And – always be firm. 

Make a Pseudo List

As some of you may know, I'm not a big fan of lists. I feel bogged down by them, and I also find them restraining. Nevertheless, I do loosely define my goals for the week – After all, if we don't determine what we want, how can we possibly obtain it? 

So here it is, Ladies: 

Before my week begins - usually early Monday morning or Sunday evening – I sit with my journal and define my priorities for the week. Then, I list three things (you read that right - JUST THREE) that I consider crucial to checking off my list for the week. Then, I subtask less essential items. After that, all else naturally falls into place. 

Simplification is Simply Everything 

Simple, easy, follow the flow … When you learn to say no, balance self-care with personal and professional obligations, and put yourself first, success is an easy path to follow. 

I'm curious – do you plan your day, week, or month? If so, how do you go about it? 



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