What does it mean to be a Queen?

Is it wealth and curtsies and a regal wave? Or is it something much deeper …

From one Queen to another, it all starts with choosing to treat ourselves like Queens. Our needs aren’t up for negotiation. Our desires don’t require validation.

And while I live this way now, I didn’t always feel like a Queen deep down. I was just really good at pretending. Putting on a happy face even when I was crying inside. Or saying I was okay when I was really…not.

I was living a double life, and it was exhausting. My public image (how others saw me) didn’t match my self-image (how I saw myself).

When I finally decided to stop pretending and start taking care of the way I felt inside, everything changed.

When you show your true self to the world - this is when you embody the iconic leadership of a Queen. I call it Queen energy. You become invincible. No one can touch you because you’re aligned with yourself.

You don’t need validation, and you certainly don’t need permission. And that’s the inspiration for this edition of The Edit - The Invincible Issue.

If you’re ready to claim your crown, keep reading.

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The Royal Treatment - April 17 - 21

During this luxe online event, I’ll show you how to start seeing (and treating) yourself like a Queen, step-by-step, in a way that works for you.

Because every queen is one-of-a-kind - a royal masterpiece. Are you ready to crown yourself?


A self-defined woman is invincible.

In a world that subjects women to all kinds of expectations, living life on your own terms can feel scary.

But here’s a secret. When you have the audacity to create your own rules, to define yourself on your terms, life actually gets so much easier.

You’re no longer spending precious energy censoring yourself, or trying to please others. You’re not hiding anything. There’s nothing to protect. And that’s when you become invincible, beholden to no one but yourself.

Wealthy, Stylish, and So In Love

with Tanetha Jamay

“I first learned about ‘image’ while working in PR on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. I was good at crafting others' public images but should have also paid attention to my own. I experienced severe burnout and chose to leave politics. I was underpaid, frustrated, and over it.

At the time, I had no idea that the missing link was self-image. Luckily, I met Tonya Leigh.

In SOSI, I learned about the power of self-image and went to work on my own. I used my style to communicate my values and started making style statements.

Then, I launched my own PR boutique for the everyday professional woman. By giving myself “the royal treatment,” my emotional health improved. After taking the ‘Wealthy Woman’ course, I created a significant increase in my net worth in 7 months. Then within 6-weeks, I negotiated a $100K coaching contract in my PR boutique.

Best of all, my marriage and family relationships also improved. Applying the SOSI tools created profound ripple effects in my life.”

A New Approach to Self Care

Caring for yourself – truly caring for yourself – goes so much deeper than lighting candles, taking baths, or pouring yourself a glass of wine (though I love all of those things).

What makes me feel loved and cared for the most is always when I take the initiative to:

  • Elevate my regal energy via my thoughts
  • Speak to myself in loving, inspiring ways
  • Treat my body to exquisite food & movement
  • Grant myself permission to love what I love unapologetically

    You’ll learn how to do all of this in a few weeks during The Royal Treatment, a 5-day virtual workshop. Join me as I show you how to treat yourself like the Queen you are.

Public Image vs. Self-Image

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing how to align your public image with your self-image. Trust me - when your self-image is extraordinary and others see you the same way you see yourself? ✨ Magic ✨ happens.

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