Or Elle, Forbes, National Geographic…the publication is up to you! A couple of weeks ago, I played the Magazine Game with my community who attended the Slim, Chic and Savvy Soiree. They loved it so much, I was asked to post in on the blog. Moi plaisir!  Everything starts with a dream! <CLICK TO TWEET> So, let’s pretend that you are walking through the magazine section of your local bookstore.

On the shelf, there is YOU on the cover of the magazine. Yes, darling, YOU!

1.  What magazine is it?
2.  What does the headline say?
3.  What are you wearing?
4.  How does the interviewer describe you physically?
5.  What does the interviewer say about your home?  What does it look like? How does it feel?
6.  What does he/she say about your relationships?  Who are you in the relationship?  How do you treat your partner/kids/friends?
7.  What does he/she say about your essence/mannerisms/the way you hold yourself?
8.  In the interview, you talk about a difficult time in your life and the lessons learned.  What do you say?
9.  The article speaks about your most proud achievement.  What is it?
10.  What wisdom do you offer the readers?
11.  When asked about the plans for your future, what do you say?

Have fun with this exercise.

Allow it to show you what’s possible and what your soul is craving to create.

Dream, darling, and do it big!
So, wanna share?  What magazine did you choose?  And, what did your headline say?  Share in the comments below. 

Tons of Love,

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*A huge merci to my mentor, Martha Beck, who inspired The Magazine Game. 

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