A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life. 

Thomas Jefferson

Around this time of year, my heart longs for Paris. The romance, the joie de vivre, the fashion, the culture and art, the music… Springtime ignites my Parisian heart. But, my heart always aches for the magical prowess and energy that can only be found in the City of Lights. There truly is nothing like it.

Many years ago, I returned to the United States after being acquainted with Paris for my very first time.  I was homesick for a country I had just met.  After moping around my house for weeks, I  made a conscious decision…

I would bring Paris home. Sure, it’s a place but, assuredly, Paris is a state of mind. (tweet it).  

If you find yourself, as I did, longing for a life of elegance, style, ease and joie de vivre, in your very busy life, follow these steps:

1.  Dress the Part:

Paris is known for its fashion and beauty. Being chic, stylish, and using your fashion sense as a form of self-expression makes clothing more than just a fashion choice, it is an art form.

Dressing your best– regardless if you’re going to the corner grocer or out for a night on the town with the ladies– means having excellent basics that will always be in style, looking effortless yet chic, and putting effort into the small things (think: shoes, handbag, and accessories).

2.  Go to your local coffee shop and savor a strong espresso or elegant tea:

Take part of your day to sit, relax, people watch, and savor the moment while enjoying a delicious drink. The Parisian way is to slow down and appreciate life as it passes, not running through it like you’re on a marathon.

Sit outside whenever possible.

3.  Commit to at least one leisurely meal a day:

Slow down and treat your glorious body to an elegant meal. Wine, baguettes, cheese, and fine conversation are all key components to embodying a French lifestyle.

Keep a blanket or tablecloth in the trunk of your car and sit in the park with your lunch instead of at the office. I promise it will taste better.

4.  Read novels (not self-help books):

Self-help books have their place (tucked deeply into your bookshelf) but Parisians relish their time with an excellent, enthralling novel– romance, thriller, or whatever may tickle your fancy.

You have plenty of time to learn about living and being with many real-world opportunities that will undoubtedly present themselves.

Take a time out to escape and indulge in a great classic, a stimulating magazine, or anything involving a beautiful story.

5.  Plant and enjoy flowers:

I know you’ve heard the expression “Stop and smell the roses.” Let’s take this one step further and plant your own. This way, you can have fresh flowers available to your senses everyday. Take it from the French, they love their gardens.

There truly is something so relaxing and beautiful about watching your own flowers grow.

6.  Get outside:

It’s springtime and the French are rarely found inside. Play and experience nature, read outside, sit and people watch in a cute cafe.

If you find yourself cooped up in the office, head outdoors for to enjoy your lunch.  The dose of Vitamin D will certainly boost your mood.

7.  Kiss:

When greeting friends, trade in the hugs and handshakes for faire la bise.  This is clearly a fundamental of living more French. Plus, it’s healthier; studies show that this greeting spreads less germs.

Grab your lover and kiss for more than one minute.  If you want to be le scandal, do it in public. Not only does it burn 25 calories, but it reduces stress and boosts your immunity.

If you want to French kiss life, you must kiss more!

8. Open your eyes. Be curious.

There is so much around you– every day and in every moment– to learn from and experience. Sure, you may have been there a million times and seen it countless, but try to see it with a new set of eyes like it’s your first time.

Take a trip around your hometown or where you are presently living with the type of excitement that you would experience Paris with.

9. Express, love, and delight in your femininity.

Margaret Thatcher once said: “Power is like being a lady… If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Enjoy this power, my dear.

It’s following that hit of intuition, allowing life to flow, opening your soul to love, having childlike wonder, charming a room by being authentic and genuine.

And, if you desire to bring Paris to you, two words: beautiful lingerie.  There’s nothing quite like wrapping your body in lace and silk to get your femininity flowing.

10. Listen to French Music

Don’t know any? Don’t worry… I’ve got you covered.

Care to add to the list?  I’m always looking for Parisian inspiration.

Bisous et amour,



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