Mention the word ‘jetsetter’and you probably think of someone who jumps on her private jet and takes off to exotic locations around the world on a whim in the pursuit of pleasure. Well, that’s not me exactly!  I don’t have a private jet.  I’m usually flying coach.  I have a budget.  And, I must plan my trips (make sure there is money in the bank, someone to care for my daughter if she’s not traveling with me and my calendar is cleared).

Yet, over the past seven years, I’ve spent a lot of time in trains, planes and automobiles in pursuit of pleasure and adventure.  During those times, I’ve taken note of the people who seem like travel novices and those who have their act together.
Travel, like anything, is a process of mastery – knowing what to pack, what to leave behind and how to navigate the complexities of adventure. I’m no master yet!  But, I’ve learned some simple rules on how to travel like a jet setter.

Rule #1:  Invest in Good Luggage

I cannot preach this one enough.  I used to travel with cheap luggage, because I didn’t see the value in investing in a piece of luxury luggage (I’d rather buy a handbag!). However, when I saw a very chic woman in Paris rolling this piece of luggage through Charles du Gualle, I had second thoughts.  I finally bit the bullet and bought one, and I couldn’t believe I had waited so long.  It makes traveling SO much easier – it’s super light (so you have more weight to spare for things you actually pack) and it rolls through airports and down streets almost on its on (so you’re not looking like a goofball trying to muscle your way through travel). Trust me on this one! You’ll thank me later.

Rule #2:  Pack 3 Days Before Your Trip

It’s hard to be organized and put thought into your packing when you’re throwing things in a bag last minute.  Commit to always packing three days before your trip, unless you just got a call that a private jet is waiting to whisk you off to Bali.  In that case, grab some necessities and GO!


Rule #3:  Downsize Your Must-Haves

Clear travel containers are a must for things like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and cleansers.  Here are some great ones.  For products you can’t put into bottles, get the mini-versions (toothpaste, hairsprays, etc.).  Use that extra space for a great pair of shoes!

Rule #4:  Pack on the Lighter Side


Unless you want to look like a Real Housewife from Beverly Hills in the airport (and you have a travel butler to carry all your bags) or pay a whopping fee for overweight luggage, you will be better off traveling with less than more.  This has taken me years to learn, but once you get it, travel will never be the same.  Pack great basics in a neutral palette (blacks, greys and whites) and use your accessories for pops of color.

Rule #5:  Dress like a True Jetsetter

Nothing fascinates me more than to see people look as if they just rolled out of bed and went straight to the airport in their pajamas (or even worse, a onesie).  I’m all for comfort when traveling, but you can also travel in style.  Opt for loose fitting clothing (not sweats) with breathable fabrics and comfy flats or boots (think easy on and off for security line purposes).  Invest in travel socks.  Walking through security barefooted is not chic. My favorite travel outfit is my pair of boyfriend jeans (loose and comfy), loose top, big sweater, scarf and comfy flats.


Rule #6:  Lounge in the Lounge

If you have a layover more than a couple of hours, it’s worth the day pass investment of $30-40 to enjoy a club lounge that affords you quiet, space and complimentary drinks and snacks (although, don’t go overboard on the snacks just because they’re free).

Rule #7:  Pack a Small Cooler

When traveling with a friend, she pulled out a small cooler filled with delicious snacks (hummus, veggies, nuts, cheeses).  We had a feast in coach.  And, we avoided the airline food that usually results in bloating, breakouts and an upset tummy.  I have since adopted her small cooler idea and make sure I am always prepared to eat like a Queen in coach.  It’s also great because you never know what perishable treats you want to bring back with you.  I love this one  . . . tres chic!

Rule #8:  Prepare to Arrive Well-Rested  (or at least look like it)

Flying, especially for long flights, can wreak havoc on your body and skin. It’s important to drink plenty of water while in-flight.  I also love to spritz my face with Evian Spray several times while in the air. Packing a small (flight-approved) makeup bag filled with my essentials – lip moisturizer, facial towelettes, foundation and mascara – allows me an opportunity to look fresh when I get off the plane.  I also boost my immune system with Emergen-C during flight, because, Lord knows what kinds of germs are floating around that big metal tube.


Rule #9:  Get Zen

I’m not too proud to admit that I am a baby when it comes to turbulence – grabbing the strangers beside me and saying my last prayers.  I have found that putting on my Beats and playing some great chill music is a great way to calm my inner lizard that is convinced I’m going to die.

Rule #10:  Accessorize Well

When flying, I always pack a big scarf to wrap around my head (I prefer that no one sees me drooling in public) and a pair of sunglasses to wear as I’m trying to wake up from my in-flight siesta.

Rule #11:  Hire a Driver

This is one of those little luxuries that I find well worth the money.  I don’t like standing in taxi lines after I’ve flown for 6 or more hours.  It’s nice to have a friendly driver awaiting your arrival when you’ve gathered your luggage and are ready to start your jet-setting adventure.  Uber is a great choice too!  In fact, I am in love with this company. Download the app and have a car and driver to you within minutes in many major cities in the world.

Rule #12:  Check your Attitude

Traveling like a jetsetter is more about attitude than anything.  If you are constantly worried, feeling insecure or angry, none of the previous suggestions will help.  Confidence, a sense of adventure and joie de vivre is key to the jetsetter’s lifestyle!

Well, I’m off to take some of my own advice and pack for the French Kiss the World Society Celebration Retreat in Paris.  I am crazy excited to spend time with them in my favorite city.  And, wow . . . do we have some great things planned!

And, please share:  what are some of your savvy travel tricks that make you feel like a jetsetter?

Cheers to Travel & Adventure,


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