You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.

Pema Chödrön

Recently, a nickname has been brought to my attention: The ease whisperer. If you know a little about me, you most likely know that I despise words like grind and pressure, and the term “pushing your way to success” holds no place in my vocabulary. I’ll leave those for men in power suits on Wall Street, thank you. I want our journeys to be filled with something much different.

Mary Anne loved putting color on her lips. When I’d walk into her room to start my shift, I’d often find her with her beautiful engraved mirror, lining her lips and putting on her lipstick du jour. One day, I overheard her son ask, “Mom, why are you putting on lipstick?”

“Son, I may be dying, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like hell while doing it. When I check out of this world and into my next, I want to look my best.”

Two days later, Mary Anne died.

When everyone had left her room, I went over to her bedside table. There it was. Chanel’s “Beige du Chanel.” That was her go-to color when the priest would come to visit. It only seemed appropriate for this occassion.

I took off the cap with the double C logo and put some fresh lipstick on Mary Anne’s pale lips, and I secretly thanked her for one of her life lessons: there’s power in a lipstick.

And its opposite: agitation, discontent, displeasure, disturbance, misery, work, unrest, perplexity, strife, and turmoil.

Darling, which state of mind do you want to live in? Which do you currently live in? How will you commit to living a life filled with that vision? How will you commit to adding more ease into every day?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.

With Love and Ease,


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