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I was recently asked, “What are you fiercely committed to?” Without hesitation, I said, “to the feminine and fancy.” This response may cause an eye roll from some, mostly from those who associate femininity with weakness and fancy with superficiality, or those who are just too darn busy or resentful to embrace a more tender and playful approach to life.

Let this be known: I am neither weak nor superficial. I am a strong smart (and yes, fierce) woman who works hard. (Not to mention: I can back a boat trailer better than any man, and I’m not afraid to get dirty.)

But above all else…

I’m a woman first who unapologetically loves what I love.

We live in a world that rewards the grind and hustle, and do you know what?

Our feminine hearts are dying.

Where is the space in our lives to…

…dress up and adorn our bodies with beautiful things?
…dance and play?
…cook delicious meals that we share with family and friends?
…ask for and receive support?
…to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures?

If you’re reading this, I bet you’re like me: ambitious. However, ambition can come at a huge price if we don’t check-in with ourselves and ask really important questions, such as:

Do I like where I’m going?
Am I enjoying my life?
Is this what I really want?
What do I value?
Am I taking care of my body?
Am I having fun?
Am I embracing my femininity?
Am I tending to the details of my life?
How does this feel?

I started the French Kiss Life movement to offer women a place to escape the constant hustle and grind and relish in the celebration of our womanly hearts and love of the finer things in life.

The women in this community are strong and successful bon vivants who celebrate the feminine and fancy daily.

What’s so rewarding is watching the quality of women’s lives elevate as they embrace being a woman and adorning their lives with simple pleasures

Our lives don’t fall apart.

If anything, they become richer, fuller and definitely more fancy!

This, my friend, is what I am fiercely committed to (as I put on my lipstick with my hair in a messy bun).



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