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Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.


Steve Jobs suggested, “Live each day as if it was your last.” Well, that sounds all fine and dandy, but if I knew that it was my last day, honestly, I’d be a wreck — crying and snotting all over everyone with waves of anxiety. I’m pretty sure I’d do some stupid things, like give away all my possessions, and I’d definitely not be working.

I get the gist of this question, but I don’t want to live each day with death lingering in the back of my mind and doing irrational things (because trust me, if it were my last day, I’d through all logic and reason out the window).

So, I needed a new question to inspire me to live fully with panache without it involving my own death and reckless behavior.

After mulling over what that question could be, I consulted with my 90-year old self and how she would want me to live my life today, and here’s the question she asked me:

How would you treat today if it was your lover? (tweet it)

Seriously think about it. Imagine who you’d be if you woke up each day like you were greeting a thoughtful and passionate beau, like you were in deep love.

Now, I love you all, but some of you are waking up to life like it’s Jack the Ripper — full of fear and anxiety, waiting for doom around every corner.

Others of you are waking up to no one (metaphorically) with an aloofness and lack of attention to your life – wearing your PJs all day and giving no thought to how you’re showing up.

How can you expect life to deliver opportunities, resources and experiences to you if you’re not treating him well? How can you call in beauty, passion and elegance if you don’t put in the effort?

Let’s get back to the question: How would you treat today if it was your lover?

Imagine what your first thoughts of the day would be. Not ones of dread but those of excitement and passion.

How would you dress? Sweatpants? Or your very best.

How would you work?  With a packed calendar and no room to breath?  Or with intention and focus, leaving leisure time to enjoy your life (and dressed well, bien sur).

How would you eat? Not rushing through a fast food meal, but savoring every morsel of your food (without guilt).

How would you walk and carry yourself? Slumped shoulders and head down or erect posture and an assured confidence?

How would you see “challenges”? Not as a sign that life is out to get you but as life handing you opportunities to learn and grow.

How would you be? Not fixated on the past or fretting over the future, but present. When we’re with lovers, there’s no other place we want to be, right?

How would you take risks? Well, when we’re in love, we’re bolder, passionate and more courageous than when we’re not, so my guess is that you’d be more willing to take chances and declare what you want.

I believe if you treat today like it was your lover, then today will wrap his arms around you and take you on a grand adventure.

So, here’s my challenge for you: wake up tomorrow morning and ask yourself this simple question and show up for your life — fully, passionately, elegantly — and treat it like your lover.

Be in love…with your coffee, the smile on your child’s face, the paperwork, the dirty dishes, the face that stares back at you in the mirror, your clients, your boss, the traffic, the warm water that showers your body, your car, the music, the wind, the bird’s chirping, the sky, your bed…love it all!

Why? Because love always feels better and there is always something to love.

What or who are you in love with right now? What if you chose to fall in love with all of it?

Do share.

With Love,


(P.S. Right now, I am in total love with my cup of coffee.  A dark French roast from our local coffee shop!).

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