7 Secrets about money that every wealthy woman knows and lives by. 

As I've grown into my own financial well-being and learned about money, I've come to understand that there are certain things that wealthy women know. The financial credences they live by help them build wealth and maintain abundance in their lives. 

Here are seven things that I've discovered about being a wealthy woman.

A woman of means isn't afraid of money- in fact, she finds it fun.

What are your feelings about money? Would you describe money as dirty? Scarce? Hard to come by? Easy to earn but hard to keep? 

Perhaps you feel you just aren't good with money or that you will never have enough. 

Or, maybe you're among those who think money is fun and abundant—a means to simplicity and ease in life. 

Here's the thing, My Friends. Your money mindset is defining your abundance quotient. 

What you feel about money creates your entire money situation. The universe is listening and delivers according to your feelings and thoughts. 

If fear is ruling your bankbook, then fear is going to deliver scarcity. If gratitude and feelings of fulfillment influence your financial house, you'll be awash in financial abundance.  

She is intimate with her money.

Intimacy isn't usually a word that women associate with money. 

We usually associate the word "intimacy" with good, warm, close, comfortable feelings for others.

What if I told you that because money has such an emotional charge for most of us, it's actually one of the most intimate relationships we have?

Money often triggers the opposite of positive intimacy -- rather, it triggers feelings like inadequacy, obsession, or disgust.

Intimacy means closeness, involvement, and familiarity- these characteristics reflect the truth about our interactions with money just as they would with another person. 

How you feel about your relationship with money is often associated with your life experiences around making money, saving money, spending money, investing, and charity. 

Your feelings are also closely related to how you see money at use in the world by others- as a dirty entity associated with greed and negativity or as a purposeful entity related to generosity, goodness, and altruism. 

For some of us, money causes feelings of despair, frustration, and injustice. In contrast, for others, it fosters excitement, gratitude, and abundance.

Money intimacy is staying familiar and close with your money; it's treating your money as you might a good friend or a life partner. It's knowing your net worth, your spending habits, your saving habits, and your money management style. It's understanding your feelings about money and where and how you came by them. 

Just as you'd be intimate with a close friend or partner by sharing your truth while knowing and accepting theirs, you must do the same with money. 

Treat your money as if it were your own very close companion- because it is. Be honest about it, understand it, accept it, and treat it with respect. 

She knows that she is a volunteer and never a victim when it comes to her financial situation. 

  • Ugh, the IRS ... 
  • If only everything didn't cost so much!
  • Well, it was on sale, so I had to buy it in every color. 
  • I can't help it if my ex doesn't pay their child support. 
  • What am I supposed to do? I only make so much money- it doesn't grow on trees, you know.
  • All the other moms provide gluten-free, organic, no-sugar snacks from that specialty bakery near the school; I can't bring something homemade!

Do any of these things sound familiar? 

A woman of means never makes excuses or blames others or her circumstances for her financial freedoms-- because they are freedoms, and we have the freedom to treat our money as we see fit. 

A woman of means respects that responsibility. She owns her behavior around her finances. She reaps the rewards- or faces the consequences- for the way she manages her money. 

She lets go of what other people think of her and handles her money smartly and effectively. She knows that if she plans ahead, there will always be funds for an emergency. She'll never have to worry about getting paid on time and that she needn't stress about keeping up with the Joneses.

The only value money has is that which we ascribe to it.

Each day we make choices about our money. We can volunteer to use it as a tool to create the reality we want to see in our own lives and the world around us, or we can choose to be victimized by it (or that lack of it, as we may perceive). 

A woman of means acts as if …

A woman of means creates beauty, comfort, ease, and convenience in her surroundings. 

From the seemingly frivolous, like purely decorative candles in the bathroom to practical things like a tidy home or full gas tank, we don't have to break the bank to create a feeling of serenity and abundance. 

Sometimes "acting as if" means spending money on a quality item of clothing, our personal or professional development, or a piece of work equipment, even when the price tag scares us. 

Attending to our surroundings, being organized, letting go of excess, and investing in quality goods results in feelings of worth and abundance.

Remember, you're curating a meaningful and comfortable environment for yourself because a woman of your means would accept nothing less. 

She knows the difference between making money and having money.

I've always known that I can make money. I'm intelligent and resourceful, and making money has never been an issue. 

However, there was a time in my life when I didn't think that I could HAVE money. 

Earning money and having money are two very different things. 

As I've become a woman of means, I've learned how to make a habit of spending money intentionally and consciously. 

A financially fit woman treats her money with loving attention. 

Do you have crumpled-up twenties in the bottom of your purse? Have you any idea who much is in your checking account right now? What about how much you owe on your credit cards?

Do you sometimes make purchases without even thinking about or being aware of the cost? 

Just as you wouldn't let a two-year-old run around willy-nilly and unattended, you shouldn't be unconscious about your money. 

Know your net worth and be conscious about your spending, saving, and investing.  

She understands that abundance is all about mindset.

Financial abundance is a mindset- it's an energy - or frequency - around money. 

One thought I often see people have about money is that there isn't enough. But you know what? This same thought comes up for people who are in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and for people who are debt-free and worth millions of dollars. 

So, that just shows that the money mindset is not about the amount you have in the bank or how much you owe-- it's just a belief about money. 

Now, I can hear some of you out there saying, "Well, Tonya, that's easy to say if you HAVE money." Still, I want you to understand that it's precisely that kind of thinking that prevents wealth from flowing in your life. 

Like everything else I teach in the School of Self-Image, I teach that your financial well-being starts first with your thinking and your feelings around it. In the Wealthy Woman Workshop, which is available to all Platinum Members of the School of Self-Image, we talk a lot about mindset, but we also dig deep into some of the more practical matters around taking control of our finances. 

And, it always, always starts with mindset. 

You may find that transforming your thoughts and feelings about money starts with what you say about it. 

Positive affirmations can help.

Try saying something like, "I'm so happy that I have the means to earn this" instead of "It's going to take forever to save up for that." 

This applies even to the mundane, like paying the electricity bill or buying groceries. Replace, "I don't know how I'm going to cover all these bills and live too" with, "I love paying my bills and am so grateful that I have the means to do so."  

You'll be amazed at how these subtle changes in phrasing can change your abundance mindset. You are, after all, first in line to affirming that you are a woman of means. You must treat yourself like one. What you affirm to yourself, you manifest. 

One of the very best ways to manifest the energy of wealth is to imagine being a wealthy woman. 

Are you stressed out and worried about how you'll pay the bills or upgrade your business tools or fix the car? If not, you are likely in an energetic state of abundance. 

When you practice being a woman of means, it's going to change your frequency. 

All women are women of means. It will just take a little bit of intention each day to awaken that woman within you. 


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