"If you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don't have in life, you'll never have enough." - Oprah Winfrey.

The holidays are often filled with joyful reunions with family and friends. And, they can be an emotional, or even difficult, time too. 

The holiday season may bring with it excitement, glitter, camaraderie, and high vibe fun for you. Alternatively, this time of year may induce a more somber, low-vibe mood that is rife with melancholy or stress. You may experience a multifaceted array of feelings that include all of the above and more.

Lack of sleep, overindulgence, and a rushed feeling to get it all done may leave you feeling cranky, guilty, and behind.  

On the other hand, a sense of anticipation may leave you feeling giddy with elation.

You may be wrangling with internal or external pressure to create the picture-perfect holiday for your loved ones, or you may be feeling the pain of missing one who is no longer with you. 

Regardless of what is happening in your life or how you feel about the holidays, you can use mindfulness to cultivate an abundance mindset that not only carries you through the holiday season but throughout your entire year. 

The Concept Of Abundance

In my experience, I've often seen that the concept of abundance is confusing to many women. When they think of the word abundance, material things usually come to mind. A shopping spree at Bloomingdales, a new car, champaign, or a luxury vacation to Fiji can all look like the epitome of abundance. And that's fine- all those things are lovely and so much fun to dream about and acquire. 

And, I know a lot of people who have all those things and more, but they are filled with fear and walk around in a scarcity mindset. 

Abundance is about so much more than the material. Living in abundance, creating abundance, and having plenty are about feelings more than things. 

Because abundance is a feeling, it can't be created by anything outside of you. 

The obsession with materialism is why people with plenty of money can still be filled with a feeling of scarcity; fear that there won't be enough or that what they have will go away. 

The laws of the universe say that like attracts like. So when you are showing up in your life abundantly, you're going to be drawing more of that abundance into you.

I've often shared that I grew up in a world filled with scarcity. We worried about being able to pay the light bill or buy groceries. 

Letting go of the thinking that came from that experience – the belief that money was scarce and life was hard – wasn't easy. It took a lot of practice. But as I learned to let go of those long-held beliefs, my thoughts began to change. As my thoughts began to change, so did my feelings. Then, of course, my feelings prompted new ways of showing up in the world – new habits, behaviors, and attitudes that created fruitful results. 

During the holiday season of gift-giving, many of us are left feeling stressed and even resentful about money, familial obligations, the hustle, and the bustle. 

The way that affects you depends entirely on your mindset. Your mindset can radically affect not just your feelings about the holiday season but pretty much your entire life. 

Studies show that the way you think about yourself and the world around you can significantly alter how you learn, handle stress, create success, resiliency, and even how your immune system functions.

Five Ways You Can Tweak Your Abundance Mindset For The Better

Though it may feel challenging, there are many actionable things you can do to adjust your abundance mindset and progress spiritually, mentally, emotionally, professionally, and even physically.

Begin With Your Surroundings

We're all familiar with those folks who always seem cheerful and upbeat. Find those people and start spending more time with them. 

Attitudes are infectious. As Tony Robbins puts it, "The quality of a person's life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group." 

Do you admire the people with whom you spend time? Is their energy a vibration you aspire to? If not, it could be time to start seeking out a peer group that grows you rather than brings you down. 

Condition Your Brain To See Possibilities

An abundance mindset enables you to see more in your life: more options, more choices, more love, more joy, and more resources. 

One interesting  Harvard study showed that if we focus on one particular thing intently, other possibilities right in front of us can go completely unnoticed. 

Your brain can only absorb so much, so if your belief is "there isn't enough" or "It's impossible," then any other thoughts contradicting that will be lost. 

Begin training your mind to adjust its focus and expand your awareness. 

One great question I love to ask myself is, "Wouldn't it be amazing if … ?" When I open my mind to infinite possibilities, infinite possibilities become available.

Ultimately, just remember what you believe is what you receive.

Look Closely at Your Beliefs and Reimagine Them

A scarcity mindset usually comes from deeply rooted beliefs about yourself and how life works. 

Moving away from a scarcity mindset toward an abundance mindset starts with examining your beliefs. Pay close attention to how your body feels physically and how you feel emotionally when you examine these deep-rooted beliefs about life, yourself, and the world around you. 

When you become aware of your beliefs and how they may affect your thoughts and feelings, you can make a conscious effort to adjust your mindset.

Lovingly Detach From Expectation

When you have your heart set on something such as a financial goal, the perfect holiday gathering, or a relationship outcome, there can be a tendency to become attached to the result in an unhealthy way. Developing a sense of expectation can set you up for rigidity when fluidity is needed. Life is unpredictable. Things sometimes don't work out exactly how we want or expect. 

When you set your intentions authentically, stay focused on your goal, and detach from expectation, you are more likely to navigate whatever unfolds, flowing with life and creating abundance no matter what.  

Look To The Past For Proof

Developing an abundance mindset requires a deep sense of trust that there is always more than enough and then some. 

One way to strengthen your ability to trust in abundance is by looking for proof of it in your past life experiences. 

Most of us have had situations that didn't work out as expected, yet the outcomes led to lessons learned, soul gifts, or silver linings that were difficult to see from the beginning. Remembering that you were safe – and perhaps even thrived – when things didn't work out as expected makes it easier to change your beliefs about what is possible.

Abundance Mindset – It can Change Your Entire World

Cultivating an abundance mindset is widely seen as a healthy aim toward personal development and growth. Experts have come to believe that creating an abundance mindset allows you to:

  • Create an unlimited, whole, and satisfying life
  • Be happy regardless of circumstance
  • Give and receive with ease
  • Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired
  • See, take advantage of, and enjoy new opportunities 
  • Create unforgettable, significant, and meaningful life experiences
  • Be secure and confident in your endeavors and create successful outcomes

We talk a lot about mindset in the School of Self-Image. So if you're curious and eager to grow in this area, why not check out my podcast? Better yet, get on the waitlist, so you're sure to know when the doors next open for enrollment. 

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