When it comes to abundance versus lack, there are specific characteristics that women with an abundance mindset have, which those with a scarcity mindset don't. 

These women understand that when we view life from a place of lack, that's how we'll experience it. 

Conversely, we can joyfully watch our world change as we manifest what we want when we shift into gratitude and a sense of abundance.

There is Nothing Wrong With Wanting More; in Fact, That's as it Should Be

What is it that you want today? 

Most of us have something that we feel we are lacking – And that doesn't necessarily place us in a scarcity frame of mind. 

Little things or big things, we all want something:

  • More money in the bank 
  • A good education for our kids or even our grandkids 
  • A personal development coach
  • That gorgeous Prada bag that was in the window last week
  • New living room furniture
  • A vacation home tucked away somewhere in nature
  • A romantic partner
  • A better job
  • A better body
  • A happier life … 

Unfulfilled desires do leave us wanting. It's normal- and even necessary to want more. 

Neuroscience confirms that the mere act of seeking is a core component to general life satisfaction. 

Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp posits that there are seven primary – instinctual – processes in the human brain:

  • Maternal care
  • Pleasure and sexual desire
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Separation-distress (panic)
  • Play and joy
  • Seeking

Of those seven, says Panksepp, seeking is the most important. All mammals, he says, possess the same "seeking system" in which dopamine, the neurotransmitter linked to fulfillment and satisfaction, is triggered by planning activities. 

This innate human desire to "seek" means that we can never truly feel that we have fulfilled every desire and wish. We will never complete our "to-do" list; there will always be goals and plans, things we want to accomplish, places, or something we want to see. 

Desire is Part of What Makes Life so fulfilling. 

To want is normal. And, when we approach our desires with an abundance frame of mind, anything is possible.  

As part of a life well-lived, we do enjoy a continual flow of experience, companionship, material possessions, and money flowing in and out of our lives – in best-case scenarios.  

However, some of us wallow in an unhealthy, negatively nuanced state of want, feeling a profound sense of lack that never seems to go away. We persistently see ourselves as not having enough, not having what we need, or unable to get what we want.  

This state of living in scarcity is not only energetically draining, it's also self-perpetuating. That's because how we see ourselves and our lives determines how we can create for ourselves.  

And, you know, I've said it so many times before: we simply cannot create beyond the limits of our self-image. 

Our self-image – and our circumstances – profoundly affects how we manifest what we want in our lives. 

When we feel we are lacking, all we can see is what isn't there. 

When we are in a mental state of abundance, we can see the same situation and perceive all the goodness there. Naturally, that attitude attracts more of the same. The more abundant we feel, the more abundance we attract. 

Elegant Women With An Abundance Mindset Have Certain Characteristics

So, how do some women stay in a mindset of abundance? No matter what is going on, how much they have (or don't), or their circumstances, they remain optimistic.  

Here are characteristics of elegant women who thrive in an abundance mindset:

She Knows There Is Plenty

Women who have an abundant mentality believe there is plenty to go around. Resources, love, relationships, opportunities, and wealth- there is plenty enough, and she knows she need not fear being without. 

She knows what she wants and assumes she can have it, so she goes for it without reserve. 

She never feels competitive or fearful when it comes to that plumb position or client she wants; she knows that if it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to be, and there is another opportunity right around the corner.

She doesn't say things like "I can't afford it" or "there won't be enough." 

She Celebrates the Successes of Others 

She is genuinely happy and thrilled at the successes of others; she celebrates with her sisters and never envies their wins. 

She knows that celebrating the success of other women helps her grow her social network, learn new things, feel good, and spot new paths to achieving her own goals. When she enjoys the achievements of others, she expands the likelihood of her own success.

She Embraces Change

A woman with an abundant mindset gets it that change is a fundamental part of life. So she embraces change, understanding that it's inevitable and always presents soul gifts, if not so much more. 

Even when change is challenging, she knows there will always be a positive outcome at the end of the day. 

She doesn't allow fear or uncertainty of the future to impede her. She doesn't complain. She surrenders to the gifts the universe has to offer, even if they are hard to see at first. 

She is Proactive, not Reactive

Because her mindset is positive and hopeful, an abundant woman plans ahead, takes steps toward her goals, and considers things she can control rather than obsessing over things she cannot. 

She doesn't wait for life to happen to her, thus reacting to every situation. Instead, she looks at life and says, "Bring it. I was made for this."

She is Ever Teachable 

A woman full of abundance understands that there is always more to learn. That one never "finishes their education" but instead is ever on a journey of growth and wisdom. 

She knows she simply doesn't know what she doesn't know and that there is always something to learn and so much more to discover. 

She never lacks knowledge because she is always open to being taught. 

She is a Volunteer in Life - Never a Victim

An abundant woman understands that she is never a victim of life's circumstances, other people's behavior, or her own limitations. Therefore, she seizes every moment, looking for the opportunities in opposition and the possibilities in problems. 

She knows how powerful she is to create her own destiny, her own health, and holistic wellbeing. She knows that focusing on what is not working is only a recipe for disaster, so she focuses on the solution instead. 

She is a visionary and can see limitless possibilities in every situation. 

Life is too short not to live audaciously and in abundance. When we believe in the endless possibilities life offers and choose to live an abundant life, we create whatever we desire with ease and satisfaction.


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