“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin 

An ounce of prevention in the form of mindfulness and preparedness can go a very long way toward creating the things we strive for in life. 

Many of us tackle personal or professional issues without giving them enough thought- we react rather than act. 

Similarly, we sometimes dive hastily into unfamiliar circumstances, neglecting to examine our thoughts, feelings, surroundings, or the nuances of a situation. As a result, we can sometimes face unexpected challenges we aren’t prepared to manage. 

In my experience, I’ve found it essential to approach life with enthusiasm and confidence but also with the necessary caution to unpack the right mindset and attitude that will help me respond best to challenges and achieve the best outcomes.  

Approach Everything Like A Puzzle


The whole point of a puzzle is to turn chaos into order. The first time you open the box, hundreds of seemingly disjointed pieces are all you see. But as you start putting the parts together, the picture begins to take shape, and you can envision what the completed puzzle will look like. 

When we approach personal or professional situations like puzzles, we set ourselves up for success. This approach allows us to look at all the elements and dimensions of the problem before putting it together or forming a solid opinion about it. 

Familiarizing ourselves with each puzzle part might involve an initial time investment. It takes patience and effort to put matching pieces together and work out which fits where. But, doing this will help us build the puzzle correctly the first time around.

Taking this careful, calculated approach to life’s challenges saves a great deal of time, effort, and pain in the future. Caution will prevent you from jumping to conclusions and regretting them later on. 

Carefully unpacking every situation will give you all the needed information, but it will also help you see the bigger picture and realize your goals. 

How Can You Apply Prevention in Your Life? 

There are many ways to apply prevention in your life, starting with self-awareness and moving outward to your surroundings. 

Become Aware and Self-aware.

Prevention foremost requires alertness and awareness. To approach a situation appropriately, we need to have a high vibration mindset that involves being discerning and conscious about ourselves and what is unfolding around us.

Consider what the situation is revealing to you about yourself. What thoughts and feelings come up, and why? Is what you believe about the situation objectively true? How can you ensure that your behavior lines up with your values

Similarly, think about what the situation tells you about a particular circumstance or another person. Pay attention to reactions and how events play out.

You won’t take anything for granted or make assumptions with this attitude. Instead, you’ll see things from a fresh, unbiased perspective. This enables you to see the situation from multiple angles. 

Stay Open and Curious 

You notice things you might never have seen otherwise when you view a new situation without imposing your prejudices or biases. 

A made-up mind is closed off to new information and learning, whereas an open mind ensures that we recognize the intricacies of a situation, not letting important details pass us by. Moreover, an open mind is curious and willing to consider and accept updated information when it comes along.   

Curiosity is associated with positive energy. When we are curious, we admit to having limited knowledge. Curiosity is grounded in a desire to learn and expand one’s frame of reference. But interest also suggests that there is more to learn and worth thinking more about: it signals that the person, circumstance, or even problem is significant enough to pay attention to.  

In this context, open-mindedness is a by-product of humility. Humble people are open because they recognize that they don’t know everything. And if we don’t know everything, we must be willing to learn. 

Practice Self-Control

No good ever comes from hasty reactions. When we are treated poorly or unfairly, it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction. We want to defend ourselves and prove our point, but these circumstances allow us to practice self-control. 

Before responding to an unpleasant email or picking up the phone to confront someone, take some time to consider how you want to reply. Don’t send or say the first thing that comes to mind. When we pause to think about all the variables, our response will most likely be constructive rather than destructive. 

Self-control takes time and practice, especially for those of us with Type-A personalities. But the more we apply this skill, the better we will get at it. 

Practicing self-control positions us to carefully evaluate a situation and make the most productive steps. 

Recognize Your Ability to Influence

Consider that everything you do has an effect. Every action or reaction sets off a chain of events that would have played out differently had we not been involved. 

This knowledge is both encouraging and simultaneously daunting. Understanding that we can influence people and situations means that we carry a weighty responsibility. Each of our actions can either improve a situation or make it worse. If we introduce positive energy into our position, we can help solve problems, maintain good relationships, and contribute to the best outcome. 

Our success is greatly determined by our ability to influence others. When we can get people to listen to what we have to say, we have the means to be successful in life.

Caution Empowers You 

Life has many challenges and unforeseen pitfalls. People are complex emotional beings who make countless decisions resulting in challenging situations. Although we cannot control everything in life, we can evaluate everything and align our actions to achieve the most favorable outcome.  

For this reason, we need to apply prevention in all areas of our lives. This will help us avoid costly mistakes and set us on a path of personal and professional success. 

The next time you need to make a business decision, solve a complicated family issue, or dive into an exciting project, take the time to assess the situation thoroughly. Consider multiple points of view, be open to having your mind changed, and see it as an opportunity to share positive energy with those around you. 


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