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It was a Sunday morning in early spring when I had this major realization. I woke up and had a most leisurely morning — my cup of coffee, a bit of journaling, had some Nina Simone playing in the background. And then I was ready to make breakfast. I was feeling especially creative that day, so I looked through a few cookbooks and decided that I’d prepare french toast topped with crème fraîche and fresh strawberries.

And, why stop there?

I had a chilled bottle of Veuve Cliquot in the fridge and some fresh oranges.

twSo, Mimosas were a given. (naturally)

With my favorite candle burning, a vase of the most vibrant pink roses, exquisite music playing and a beautiful table set with a decadent breakfast.

It was truly a simple luxurious morning, and I was French Kissing Life hard. Except….

Except for one thing.

When I looked down.

I was appalled at what I was wearing.

Surrounded by so much attention to beauty, my tattered yoga pants and stretched out T-shirt that read “Cancun” just didn’t match the occasion (not to mention, I’ve never been to Cancun!).


Mimosas just don’t taste as good when you’re wearing clothes that should have been discarded a decade ago.

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For years, I have been focused on upgrading the quality of my life — everything from what I eat to the thoughts I think.  Almost daily, I wake up and get dressed in something that feels beautiful. But, as lady of leisure, I also adore those days when I choose to lounge.  Yet, as I looked down at what I had chosen to throw on mindlessly that morning, I understood that I had neglected an important area: my loungewear.

I’d go out at night wearing a vibrant DVF wrap dress…..

                    and then come home and dress as if I were homeless.

I thought it didn’t really matter.  I mean, no one saw it and it was before I showered, so it was no big deal.

I told myself that the money I’d invest in a beautiful robe or pajama set could be better spent on another outfit.

But, on that particular Sunday morning with a Champagne flute in hand, I declared that it was time to upgrade how I dressed when in my own company. I was embarrassed by the lack of thought or care I had put into my home attire.

I was living a double life.

After breakfast, I was inspired to go through my closet and look for more elegant and luxurious pieces that I could wear around the house on those days when I choose to putz , lie on the sofa, watch a movie or even clean.

I was not surprised to find very few things that I’d not be embarrassed for someone to walk in and catch me wearing around the house.

So I invested in a few elegant, and sophisticated pieces of loungewear.

And I choose what I want to wear each morning depending on my mood.

You may think, as I once did, that it doesn’t really matter what you wear when no one’s around, but as someone who decided to upgrade this area of my life, let me assure you, it does.

My embarrassment vanished immediately. As well as…

And, here are some of the other things I’ve experienced since:

  • Less desire to eat when I’m not hungry.
  • More inspiration and creativity (I’m writing this in my favorite pajamas).
  • Luxurious and elegant mornings (Proof here on my Instagram).
  • A sense of pride that I care about how I appear to myself when no one’s around.
  • Excitement when someone knocks on the door (instead of dread).

Its your turn to uncover where you might be leading a double life.

So, let’s get honest ladies.

In the comments below, I challenge you to candidly answer:

(1)  Do you love how you dress yourself in your own company?
(2)  If so, what’s your favorite leisure outfit?
(3) If not, are you ready to upgrade?

(And if you read this whole article, yet feel like your lounge wear is already up to par, dig deeper.   Perhaps there is another area of your life where you feel like you’re “living a double life” that you are ready to upgrade?  Share that in the comments!)

Can’t wait to mingle with you below!



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