There are numerous ways to boost your self-image - here are seven ideas ...

Self-image, sometimes referred to as self-esteem, consists of the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. 

Self-image plays a significant role in how we view the world around us, the thoughts we have, our feelings, our responses to people, places, and situations, and - really - in everything that we do. 

Elevating our self-image gives us the courage to be authentic, helps us develop and maintain good relationships, and enables us to deal with tough situations. It strengthens our emotional intelligence and makes us both physically and emotionally healthier. 

Transforming our self-image helps us reach our goals and achieve the life that we want. 

Transforming and elevating self-image is doable for every woman. 

Every one of us can transform our self-image by setting big goals and implementing actions to attain them, and by paying attention to - and perhaps changing -  our everyday thoughts, behaviors, and acts.  

These actions change and grow us incrementally.   

The good news is that there are many easy ways to help you transform your self-image and build confidence in yourself.

Here are 7 ways to boost your confidence and raise your self-esteem:

Challenge self-defeating thoughts about yourself and change your internal messaging.

I think we’re all familiar with that judgy, mean voice in our head that says things to us like:  

  • Ugh, you screwed up again ...
  • Look at everyone else. You’re so behind ...
  • You’re never going to make it ...
  • This isn’t going to work ...
  • You’re such a failure ...
  • You can’t ever get it right ...
  • You’re too fat/ too old/ too ugly/ too boring ...
  • It’s impossible ...
  • There just isn’t enough money and there never will be ...
  • You’re so fat; you need to get it together ...
  • OMG! You’re so overwhelmed. You’re drowning ...
  • Everything is so hard ...
  • You’re just not good with (fill in the blank … )

Let me ask you something, My Beautiful Friend. Would you talk to your daughter that way? Your best friend? Your niece? Any woman, for that matter?

Of course, you wouldn’t! So, why do you talk to yourself that way? 

This kind of thought pattern will not only cause you repeated misery but can also bring about destructive behavior, making it even harder to love who you are. 

Celebrate any small accomplishments you’ve made. Ask yourself what you did today that you can be proud of, no matter how small. Then give yourself the props you deserve!

Evaluate your self-image by creating a self-love list of positives about you. 

What’s great about you? 

Even the harshes judges among us can come up with a thing or two, at least. 

If you really struggle with this, try starting with things that don’t seem all that important or noteworthy.

For example; 

  • You make it to work on time every day 
  • You make your bed every morning 
  • You manage to get the kids bathed, dressed, fed, and out the door to school on time every morning 

Once you start writing down these seemingly irrelevant things, more will come. 

You may remember that you’re also a wonderful friend, daughter, or partner,  that you always remember everyone’s birthday, or that you’re that person who “feels” others when they are seemingly in need. 

From being an empath to being good with numbers - everything counts. 

Put pen to paper and write down the positive aspects of yourself. Embrace them. Make them part of your daily mantra. 

Also, ask someone that loves you - and with whom you feel safe -  to write down what they love about you. 

Did they describe you as kind, fun, peaceful, loyal, or maybe generous? Do something each day to prove to yourself that they are right about you. Soon, what they love about you will be what you love about you. 

Come back to these lists each day. Meditate on them by placing your hands over your heart and saying, “This is who I am.” Smile. 

Do something each day just for you.

Take a moment now to think about the things you do that are completely self-indulgent and make you feel peaceful, content, satisfied, and happy. What gives you joy? 

Feeling stuck? Here are a few ideas:

  • Lounge with a good book 
  • Wear something cozy, comfy, soft, and pretty
  • Take a nice long bubble bath; don’t forget to light candles and put on some chill music
  • Take a long, leisurely walk
  • Make a cup of tea -have a special blend or a variety to choose from 
  • Colore, sketch, or paint 
  • Lay in a hammock or lounge chair and gaze out at nature
  • Meditate, dance, or do yoga
  • Journal
  • Snuggle with a pet 
  • Light all the candles, turn on some tunes, and have a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or a mocktail

The more you treat yourself nicely, the more you will feel you are worthy of such treatment - the more you will love you, as it should be. 

Get moving- exercise!

Doing some exercise each day will make you feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Not into going to the gym?  

How about spending twenty minutes dancing to your favorite feel-good songs? You can go hiking, get sweaty cleaning the house, head for a yoga class, or go for a jog. There are dozens of ways to work your body, burn calories, get strong, and feel good. 

Not only does exercise help you maintain a healthy weight, but it also improves your mood, boosts energy, helps you sleep better at night and, generally gives you a holistic boost. 

Evaluate your surroundings and consider making some changes.

Our surroundings can greatly affect our mindset, our level of self-worth, and our self-image.

Start each day with a few habits in place such as making the bed and tidying up. Do the dishes right away, rather than leave them sitting. Go all-out “Marie Kondo” on your space and let go of all the excess so that your home is orderly and uncluttered. 

Keep in mind also that surroundings are not just about your physical environment. Your surroundings are also the people you spend time with, the music you listen to, the television shows you watch, the books you read (or don’t), the media you consume,  and the social media you engage with. 

Check your mindset.

In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck talks about fixed mindset and growth mindset, and this got me thinking about how the two can affect our self-image. 

Fixed Mindset: People with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with a preset combination of intelligence and talent that can’t be altered. 

Growth Mindset: People with a growth mindset believe that intelligence and talent can be developed through hard work and focus. 

Your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with life's challenges and challenges can become sources of opportunity and growth.

Success in the areas of personal growth, interpersonal relationships, and professional development - or any other area of your life - can lead to tremendous transformation and elevation of your self-image. 

  • Learn lessons from your mistakes
  • Set small habits as stepping stones to reach your big audacious goals 
  • Be flexible
  • Allow yourself to be inspired
  • Remember that failure is inevitable - use it wisely
  • Ask for what you want in life, notice what you get, and celebrate the “No”

Consider hiring a life coach.

A life coach can help you to get started and hold the space for you to be accountable while you make changes. It doesn’t have to be a lifelong thing, but it can be a huge help in those initial months as you start to learn new ways of thinking and acting until they become habits. 

Having a coach’s perspective can be invaluable, as there may be things we say or do - or people in our lives - that are destructive, but that we are unaware of. 

A coaching collective such as the Scool of Self-Image also gives you a community of like-minded women; a sisterhood that will support you, cheer you on and share their own experiences, dreams, and successes. 

The path to an elevated self-image isn’t a straight line. It’s a winding, rewarding road that takes detours into style, mindset, and surroundings - and that finally brings you full circle to the woman you were meant to be; the powerful, vibrant woman within.




The Self-Image Manifesto

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