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I feel virtuous because my soul is at ease.

Frances Wright

Women will often confess to me, “I want an easy life.” And, I always challenge them that they’d be miserable if they chose that route. The human soul is designed for growth, which is rarely easy. But, what I do believe women desire is ease. I talk about ease a lot. In fact, I’ve designed my life to be full of it. And, most of my work with clients is to help them find their own path of ease — in their careers, with the bodies and in their relationships.

However, if you were to take a glance at my calendar for this year (like I just did), you’d think, “Girlfriend’s life is not easy.”

Yet, every single thing on my calendar, I have excitingly said say yes to.

I’m going on tour across the country (and Paris), so I can meet up with all you fabulous bon vivants face to face. 

I’m preparing for an unforgettable Paris retreat in September. A lot of effort goes into making this a one-of-a-kind experience, but it’s oh-so full of ease and joie de vivre!

My daughter in entering her senior year in school, which means college applications and a lot of preparation. Not to mention, a whole new chapter for the both of us.

And, let’s not forget the day to day obligations.

Going to the gym after a long day of work is not easy or saying no to the extra bite of cake when it tastes so good.

It’s not easy raising a teenager or cooking for a crew of six to ten, depending on who shows up that night,

It’s not easy walking away from work during my set office hours when my mind is screaming, “Your world will fall apart if you don’t get it done.”

It’s not easy sitting down every day to write or running a company.

Learning a new language or skill is not easy.

My life is not easy, and I bet yours isn’t either, right?

But, I invite you to consider that this is actually a good thing, and here’s why:

Easy would mean that you’re not challenging yourself, evolving and shaking things up a bit.

Easy = mediocrity, and women who French Kiss Life don’t do that word very well. We prefer enchanting.

Turns out, easy would be the hardest thing to do.

It’s hard to disappoint yourself with excuses, dim your sparkle out of fear of what others will think, not go ALL IN on your life and choose easy because you think you’re not capable of hard.

Turns out . . .

Creating a beautiful life is rarely easy. (tweet it)

So, you may be wondering, what the hell is ease then?

Well, I like this definition: “to make (something unpleasant, painful, or intense) less serious or severe.”

Ease is taking inspired action without all the drama.  

It’s going all in on the life you deeply desire without all the stories of:  what if it doesn’t work out, what will others think, what about that other person who’s doing it, what is everyone else doing, what if (fill in the blank).

All that drama is what’s creating the struggle.  Without that, you have glorious ease.

Furthmore, ease is:

:: deciding what you deeply desire and committing to yourself. It’s hard to constantly doubt your desires and wallow in confusion.

:: managing your mind so that you can accomplish tasks efficiently.

:: being present; not creating a story about the past or future.

:: blooming where you’re planted vs. hating where you are.

:: looking for ways to make something complex more simple.

:: taking action vs. talking about taking action (big difference).

:: knowing what’s important to you so that you can say no to the rest.

:: showing up as the woman you choose to BE and taking action from that state.

:: trusting that life is happening for you, not against you.

:: leisurely hustling.

:: being kind to yourself.

:: staying out of other people’s business.

:: working to live; not living to work.

:: not taking yourself or life too seriously.

:: slowing down long enough to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and actually taste your glass of Bordeaux.

:: celebrating your life every single day.

:: staying committed to yourself, over and over again.

Ease is a mindset, an elegant one.

Ease is always a thought or action step away.

I don’t want a hard life, but I don’t want an easy one either.

I want ease.

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