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Meet my girlfriend Laura. She is always so happy. Like ridiculously happy. One day I asked her: “Laura, what is your secret? Tell me all.” I was expecting a very deep and intellectual soul searching answer. However, she responded in one word:

Listening to podcasts was her jam.
Her secret sauce.
The Holy Grail.
Free audios on the internet changed her state of mind.
Is it possible?

Can it be that easy?

That was 3 years ago.

And I’ve been a podcast lover ever since.

And it has rocked my world with joy, wisdom and inspiration.

Sure, there’s more that goes into creating our joie de vivre than sitting around listening to podcasts all day.

But, that’s not my point.

The point is that we have this incredible ability to decide what we consume.

I am a huge believer in having a red velvet rope policy for your life. 

This especially rings true when it comes to what you ingest mentally.

Our minds deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

Take in garbage, and you’ll feel trashy.

Take in beauty, and you’ll be classy.

I know this because for years, I consumed trash — gossip, negativity, fear based media, the drama of others.

It’s no coincidence that during that period of my life, I felt sad more days than not. And, then I’d eat because I didn’t want to feel the sadness, which only made me more sad. I was suffocating my mind with junk. It’s no wonder I felt so horrible.

It was only when I began to intentionally cultivate a beautiful mind that I started to feel lighter (and do did my body).

My philosophy is this:

To create a beautiful life, you must feed your mind beautiful things.

If you’re struggling in life, I want to challenge you to take an inventory of the information you’re consuming.

I’m sure you’ll discover that this is an area that you can upgrade.

Does the news really inspire you?
Does the Shape magazine encouraging you to 1000 calories a day turn you on?
Is your Facebook, feed full of anger and hate, doing it for you?

Yet, we let those things in and don’t realize the major impact they are having on our psyche, and therefore, our lives.

The easiest way to cultivate a beautiful mind is to have high standards
for what you read, watch and listen to.  {click to tweet}

You can change the channel, throw away the books, turn the station or leave the room.

Your mind is your greatest commodity. Treat it well.

I have trained myself to create my own inspiration and joy by how I focus my attention and what I allow into my beautiful mind.

I am very aware of where my energy is flowing and what I’m consuming.

A few personal examples:

I limit my time on Facebook (…..and I suggest you do the same). Facebook is full of beautiful things …but it also home to a lot of junk. Articles and comments full of fear and hatred is not where I choose to focus my time, and unfortunately, regardless of how careful you are with your Facebook Friend selections, some garbage is eventually going to make it’s way onto your computer screen. And into your mind.

And that’s why I’m hanging out more on Instagram these days. To me, this social platform feels much more beautiful and positive, and I have more control over what I see. I feel lighter and more inspired over there.

Each morning, I wake up and immediately journal my gratitudes and intentions for the day. Then, I turn on my favorite Pandora stations and consume something inspiring — it could be a book, a video or, yes, a podcast!

And in the car? There’s always a podcast in queue that I can’t wait to listen to.

(Don’t you worry. I’ll be sharing my favorites that I think every woman should listen to in the near future.).

But, for now, GUESS WHAT?

I ‘d like to recommend an absolutely fabulous Podcast that you can subscribe to and start listening to regularly.


The French Kiss Life Podcast is now officially listed on iTunes.

French-Kiss-Life-Podcast-COVER-ARTWORKMy intention is to cultivate beautiful and inspiring content that will feel like a breathe of fresh air and elevate the quality of your life.

I want our Podcast to be THE PLACE that women turn to feel more beautiful, live more elegantly, and experience everyday joie de vivre.

To help me make this a reality, I’d love to ask you a HUGE favor.

Please subscribe (so you’ll never miss an episode) and I’d love it if you’d take a moment to leave me a review.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Open up iTunes and type The French Kiss Life Podcast in the search bar.

2) Click on The French Kiss Life Podcast in the bottom left hand corner.

3) Click on “Subscribe” and then click on “Ratings and Reviews”.

4) Rate (click the # of stars) and Write Your Review of my Podcast.

That’s it.

Easy peezy.

And, to the person who told me that it was pointless to start a podcast because there are so many already established: If you’re reading this, you obviously don’t know the kind of amazing women in our community! And to you, my reader: Please, Listen up:

Don’t ever let anyone steal your dreams because of their own limitations! {click to tweet}

It is an honor to be a part of your beautiful world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. With Deep Appreciation, signature P.S. Please share below any suggestions you have for me for future Podcast episodes — I record them for YOU so please, tell me! xo

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