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I’m in Aspen celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.  The snow is falling, the turkey’s in the oven, the kids are sitting in the hot tub, the adults are sipping hot toddy and Billie Holiday playing in the background. As I sit here, I am crazy grateful for this beautiful mess I call my life and everything and everyone in it.

Gratitude and appreciation is my lifestyle.  I thank the kind man at the checkout.  I write love notes to God for my morning coffee and sunrises.  I thank the dog for just being a dog.  I even thank the dude who cuts me off in traffic (after I flip him off…elegant, I know!).

But, do you know who I often forget to thank?


Here’s what I’ve learned from being a woman in our society.   We are hard on ourselves.  We overlook our innate worth.  We don’t give ourselves credit.  We contribute our success to our spouse, parents, luck or anything outside of us.  We’re convinced that we should be further ahead/smarter/thinner/prettier/nicer/harder/insert anything that you’re not here.

We can easily see the beauty and greatness in others, but ourselves?  Oh no.  That would be arrogant, prideful and way too confident.  At least, that’s what we’ve been taught.

Well, I’m throwing out the BS card.  It’s actually none of those things.

THE most important job of your lifetime is to become your own best friend.  (tweet it)

As Diane von Furstenberg says, when you do, “life is easier.”

So, today, in addition to being deeply grateful for everything in your life, I want you to celebrate yourself and be grateful for you. 

If this makes you a bit uncomfortable, let me help you get started.

You made it through another year!  Bravo.

You love your kids.  Incredible (considering how they can act sometimes)!

You cooked a turkey (or bought one).  Thatta girl! 

What? Did you clean your house?  Rock on!  

You’re pretty awesome!  

Now, it’s your turn.    No exception.  Take 10 minutes to celebrate yourself today!

Here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. I’m deeply grateful for (insert 3 qualities that you possess).
  2. I’m proud of myself for (your biggest accomplishment this year) 
  3. I forgive myself for (something you regret).
  4. I appreciate my ability to (insert your superpower here).
  5. I love my (insert your best physical attribute)
  6. I’m high-fiving myself for making it through (insert your biggest challenge).
  7. Next year, this time, I will be thanking myself for (insert a deep desire).

Imagine a world where you are truly grateful for yourself, not just when you get it right, but also when you royally screw up.

That’s what living with confidence, boldness, courage and beauty actually looks like.

Now, go eat some turkey and pecan pie.  Dance. Watch some football.  Laugh.

And, for the love of God, if you overindulge today, please don’t beat yourself up.

Lighten up, darling. You’re an amazing human being.

In Deep Gratitude,


(P.S. I fully intend to win our Cards Against Humanity Play-off tonight.  If you want to shake up your brain cells and break a lot of societal rules, get this game!).

(P.P.S. I am deeply grateful for you!)

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