There are people who have money and people who are rich.

Coco Chanel

Some dear friends of mine live in Antibes, France. While they may not be “rich” by social standards, I’m betting that 90 percent of the population would trade lives with them in a skinny minute.
Their lives are filled with the things that money cannot buy:  love, community, time and a lot of laughter!

True wealth is not defined by how many digits we have in the bank. (Tweet it!)

Rather, it is found by living lives that are filled with things that matter: love, experience, community and a whole lotta’ good food and wine.

As a side note, I also have friends with millions in the bank who don’t feel they’ll ever have enough. When do we get to decide that enough is enough?

The School of Self-image is all about richness: abundance, ease, elegance, beauty, and everyday luxury. 

While I adore seeing a woman own her worth and reap the benefits of her labor, it also deeply saddens me to see her putting her life on hold to feel rich.

I want you to feel rich now because…

When you feel rich, you attract more richness. (Tweet it!)

So, what’s the secret? Well… if you want to be rich overnight, you must first live like you already are (by this, I don’t mean maxing out your credit cards).

Add one or more of these to your daily rituals (the more you do, the richer you’ll feel!):

:: Only spend money on what brings you joy, peace, nourishment, or ease.

:: Make quality time for family and friends a non-negotiable.

:: Dress in your best outfit for no real reason, other than you’re worth it.

:: Focus on quality: quality food, relationships, environments, everything!

:: Simplify life: get rid of the things that drain your energy.

:: Make a date to meet a girlfriend for lunch or plan a weekly Ladies Luncheon!

:: Kiss your lover.

:: De-clutter your life.

:: Empower yourself with financial savviness.

:: Take bold risks.

:: Plan a dinner party for your closest friends.  There is so much luxury to be enjoyed with food and friends.

:: Have a proper afternoon “English” tea.

:: Throughout the day, appreciate ways your life is full of abundance.

:: Buy a luxurious soap.  Preferably, French (but I’m biased, of course).

:: Open your bank account and be thankful for whatever is in there (even if it’s less than $10).

:: Bless your credit since it was there to help you when you need it.  And, then begin to play with ways to pay it off (little by little)

:: Be a giver: of your time, support, and/or money.

:: Remember this:  There are over 3 billion people in the world who have no running water in their homes. Be grateful for abundance on every level.

:: Buy a bottle of wine and some nice cheese. Bon appetit! (It could cost less than $30.)

:: Write a love letter.  The truly rich have a lot of love in their hearts and lives.

::  Choose one desire that requires a sum of money.  Begin funding it, even if a small amount, on a monthly basis.

:: Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's in your coziest pajamas and with a sensual candle lit.

:: Read poetry (Here’s one of my favorite books that is always by my bed).

:: Clean your car and keep a clean home. This will significantly add to a life of ease.

:: Maintain good hygiene. Treat yourself to a mani/ pedi once in a while!

:: Memories are better than materials. Choose to collect those instead.

:: Change your money mindset: instead of thinking “If I only had (X)”… be grateful that you have what you need.

:: Get creative: there are so many clever ways of adding luxury into your life without spending a dime! DIY gifts can sometimes be the most meaningful.

:: Spend time outdoors. This is one of my most favorite (and free) activities to celebrate life and be mindful of how rich it is.

:: Create your own idea around wealth. Is it a healthy bank account, a debt-free life, spending time traveling and exploring quality time spent with loved ones, or all of the above?

:: Learn about wine. You will appreciate the taste and its process while showing off your knowledge around the dinner table.

:: Don’t buy fakes. Choose to shop at consignment stores to dress up your wardrobe but avoid knock-offs. They’re simply not classy.

:: Refine your taste in food. Maybe you already indulge in life’s finer fare, but if you don’t, discover the glamour and elegance of being a foodie.

:: Respect time. Nurturing your self-image is about ease, which reflects how we use (or abuse) our time. Take time out of your day to breathe and be.

:: Prioritize your to-do list. Not everything needs to be done right now, but some things are more valuable. Focus on those.

:: Be present. Focus your thoughts on right here, right now; not yesterday or tomorrow.

:: Have good friends to laugh, cry with, and lean on.

:: Show compassion to everyone. Be graceful in disagreements and celebrate others’ achievements.

:: Never stop learning. There is an infinite amount of richness that comes from learning from others, the world, and each of us personally.

:: Travel. Even if you’re doing it on a strict budget, get out and experience the world.

:: Ask questions. Again, there is a wealth of knowledge that others can teach you. Be curious and imaginative.

:: Say what you mean and do what you say. Integrity and sticking to our convictions are key in developing and maintaining respect from others.

:: Don’t take life for granted. Enjoy it, regardless of what your bank statement tells you.

:: Don’t be afraid of new opportunities and growth. If one enters your life, embrace it, be thankful for it and be bold enough to know you can do it (if it feels right), whether or not you see how that’s going to happen.

:: Indulge in the beauty of fine literature. There are so many great books to discover and great conversations that can arise from them.

:: If you do something, do it with all you have. Don’t second-guess or put your energy into something if it’s going to be less than your best.

:: Take inspired action. Stop waiting for something to happen. If you want it to, take steps to receive whatever it is you’re after.

:: Think about money (and spend it) logically. Ask yourself: is this something I have to have? Sometimes, the answer is yes; other times, no. Spend with that POV.

:: Choose to earn money doing something that you love. If your passion and drive is behind it, your work will not only be better but you’ll also want to be doing it.

:: Challenge yourself. A life of mediocrity is not what the School of Self-image is about. Choose wisely if a worthy challenge presents itself and know that you can absolutely overcome it.

There you have it:  My Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Do you have any Get Rich tips? Share in the comments below.

In Love and Riches,


The Self-Image Manifesto

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