With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.

William Shakespeare

Pop open the Champagne!  Today is my birthday! And, it’s also Frenchie Friday. Trying to figure out how to tie the two together was difficult at first due to my tendency to overthink things. Then, it became so obvious. When I really think about why the French lifestyle is filled of joie de vivre, it really has nothing to do with fashion, style or material things.  It has everything to do with connection and celebrating life.

The French love an excuse to take the day off, relax and open a bottle of wine with family and friends.  As grouchy as they are portrayed, they truly are a festive culture of people.

And, since it’s Frenchie Friday, I’m going to honor that part of myself by taking the day off and luxuriating in today’s surprise festivities.  I’m being picked up at 12 and whisked off to an unknown location (how exotic is that!).  I’ve only been told to dress up (more intrigue).   Then I heard through the grapevine that I am going to be celebrating with some of my dearest friends tonight.  My only request:  that we go dancing!

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate this past year is the value of friendships.  When I came to Durango almost two years ago, I had no idea what life had in store.   I truly fell into the arms of mystery.  And, to say this past year has been a transition is an understatement.  But, I woke up each day committed to celebrating something and staying connected to the incredible friends that have become a part of my life.  I am truly blessed to have some of the best human beings on the planet to call my friend.

In in the toughest of times, I’d think to myself, “I’m a blessed girl,” or “At least there’s still Champagne.”  Those little moments, even on my darkest of days, added a feeling that life was still French Kissing me.

One day, not today, I’ll talk about my 2013 journey and the wonderful lessons I’ve learned.  Trust me when I say, EVERYTHING along your journey is guiding you.  When you let go, surrender and step outside of your comfort zone, life really begins to open you up.

But, until then, I propose a toast,

May your life be filled with joie de vivre.

May you find a little ray of light when it seems so dark.

May you be blessed with friends that hold a mirror up to your truth.

May you do big things with a big heart. 

May you French Kiss Life!

Oh, and dance!

Let Go & Dance from tonyaleigh on 8tracks Radio.

And, I have one more request. In honor of my special day, celebrate with me.  In the comments below, tell me something or someone you want to celebrate today!

Thank you for all my birthday wishes, and I don’t say it often enough, but please know, I adore you!



(P.S. If you’d like to wish me a Happy Birthday, I’d be tickled.  Just send me a shout on Facebook or Twitter.)

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