I am here to seduce you into a love of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could wave a magic wand and instantly transform into a sensual mistress of seduction? You know… the type of woman who can simply walk into a room, woo the crowd, catch all of the watchful eyes of men, women and children alike, and have that special someone swooning relentlessly, all because they possess that certain je ne sais quoi? My love, life is about seduction.

Perhaps you don’t like the word seduction and it leaves you with images of Medusa. If that’s the case, simply replace it with words like charm, allure, or charisma. They’re all synonymous.

But… whether it’s in a relationship, business, work, or everyday life, the art of seduction is a skill that every confident woman should possess (tweet it).  

And like many other things, who could better teach us this powerful art form than the French? It’s not about manipulation for them. Rather, it’s a way of life.

Without it, we would be living in a vanilla world: always feeling safe, lacking play, mystery, and great romance.

 There are many ways to master the art of seduction. Some of my favorites include:

1.  Spirit

Seduction is all about attitude. Confidently be aware of the strength, grace, and beauty that you possess as a woman. Own your personal essence and femininity wherever you may roam and in whatever type of environment you may find yourself. Relax within yourself and be comfortable in the amazing person you are.

2.  Scents

For the French women, she’s never fully dressed until she has adorned herself with her signature scent.  And, when in Paris with the French Kiss the World Society, one of the highlights of our trip is visiting one of the rarest perfume collections in the world where they are carefully led through a melange of scents to find the perfect one to express who they are as a woman.  When you French Kiss Life, you seduce and serenade with your fragrance.

3.  Secret Garden

Mystery and intrigue are always sensually appealing. That said, so is vulnerability and knowing where and when to be less reserved. Your life story should be revealed to the right people and at the right time. Focus on little hints that reveal part of yourself, not the whole picture. There is a reason why wearing lingerie is so scintillating– it gives a taste, but not the whole bite.

4.  Don’t be Needy

It is so sexy to be confident in your own skin and within your own efforts and life. The more desperation, the less attraction there will ultimately be. Independence is a value and a gift. That said, chivalry is not dead in my book and I will always allow and appreciate doors to be opened and chairs to be pulled out for me.

5.  Be Playful

Don’t be afraid to tease, flirt, smile and use your natural allure as an incredible woman to seduce. Most importantly, laugh. Be comfortable with yourself and don’t be afraid to poke a little fun. When your guard is down (remember to not divulge too much right away), his will be, too. Have fun! The French consider flirting a normal part of life– in all situations. Eye contact, an innocent little wink, and well-played banter are all excellent tools. It turns an ordinary day into a playful one.

6. Body Language

Eye contact is so important. We’ve all heard “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Keep this in mind as you are approaching a new conquest– reveal little, but let your eyes reveal much. Walk in confident strides and let your hips do the talking. Stand tall and proud with your chin up and shoulders back and take time to enjoy your surroundings. Understand how your movements will affect others, including yourself. Saunter.

7. Express your beauty

After all, you are amazing. The French admire beauty– both women expressing it and men working hard on appreciating it. No matter where you are going (the corner grocer, out for a walk, to a meeting, or wherever it may be) look your best and always put your best foot forward. You never know who you’ll run into.

8. Seduction is not all about sex

Really, it’s about so much more than that. Sure, it can be a product and the two are most definitely related, but it’s also about embracing your femininity. Be an elegant lady in all that you do, including how you dress, hold yourself, and communicate with others.

9.  Enjoy Life

There’s nothing seductive about constant complaints, negativity and a ‘woe is me’ attitude.  Constantly seek things to enjoy in everyday life.  Bring passion into everything you do. Let the nature of your being be an experience for others to enjoy.

What’s so powerful about lipstick? Well, the way I see it (thanks to Mary Anne), everything is energy. For example, if you want to have a bad day, try this. Wake up, don’t shower, sit around in a sweatsuit that should have been laid to rest a decade ago, don’t put on makeup, eat a Sara Lee grande blueberry muffin and a Diet Coke, don’t exercise and, please, whatever you do, don’t put on lipstick.

In fact, a few weeks ago, my daughter woke up and went to school without any attention, whatsoever, to her appearance, which is quite unusual for her. “Are you OK,” I asked.

“Yep, I just don’t really care today,” she said.

When I picked her up, her day had only gotten worse. “It was the worst day ever,” she said.

“Well, dear, do you think it had anything to do with how you started your day with your “don’t care” attitude,” I asked.

“Probably,” she said.

The next day, she stepped out looking her very best. Before she got out of the car, she asked me for some lipstick. I handed her some Bobbie Brown and sent her out into the world knowing that her day would be much better. It was.

Now, let me be clear. I’m not advocating self-obsession. And, lipstick may not be your thing. What I am suggesting is that it's up to you to create your life. No one is going to knock on your door and make you feel better. It must come from within by deciding that you are worth it and then making the decision to put your best self out into the world.

If you want to set yourself up for a successful day, get up, spend some time with yourself, sit and dine on something delicious, journal and set your intention for the day, shower, find an outfit that looks great on your body the way it is right now, and put on some lipstick.

10.  Pursue Pleasure

There’s nothing like watching a woman bite into a decadent piece of chocolate or indulging in a juicy novel.  Her sensual relationship with the world is extremely alluring.  If you want to be more seductive, simply follow the pleasure – the things that light you up, bring joy to your day and makes life feel like a grand romance.

In a nutshell, seduction is all about play, passion and joy.  This trifecta melts the hearts of all.

Do you have any seduction tips to offer?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Please share in the comments below.

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