Walk like you have three men walking behind you.

Oscar de la Renta

Without fail, every time I go to France, I lose weight . . . all while sipping wine and eating decadent food. What’s the magic?  There is no magic.  It’s rather simple. I move . . . a lot! And, it feels like heaven, not a chore or something to check off my to-do list. In American culture, we have overcomplicated a very simple concept: movement. The French woman may not frequent the gym or engage in hard core Crossfit, but one thing she does do is move her body daily, all while looking fabulous.  In fact, the French woman walks, on average, three times more than the American woman.

Movement is a part of French culturebut it’s not treated as a painful endeavor to create results. It’s just a way of life, based on living with joie de vivre.  Whether it’s engaging in a sport that you love, such as tennis, swimming or biking, or simply walking to the local boulangerie, the French make movement a part of their daily routine.

Back in the States, however, we do one of two things:  allow life to take over and do very little OR push ourselves in ways that feel exhausting and very unnatural.  But, there’s a beautiful middle way that is full of joy, vitality and pleasure.

So, let’s talk about how you, too, can move like a French woman.

Have daily dedicated walks

You can begin with just 15 minutes to start sauntering through your neighborhood, discover a new place or explore main street.

What you’ll most likely discover is that it feels amazing to honor yourself and to get out to soak up the sunshine.

And, if you want to feel extra adventurous, put on a fabulous dress, lipstick and do it in style.

The world is your runway (tweet it)!

No Saving Steps

A French woman doesn’t avoid movement; she seeks out ways to move more.

So, instead of driving around for minutes looking for the closest parking space to the door, choose to park at the back of the parking lot.

Instead of taking the elevator, walk the stairs.

Instead of sitting in the car waiting for your kids to get out of school, get out and walk a bit.

Those extra steps add up.

Get on a Bike


I adore seeing the French women riding their bikes through the streets of Paris looking fabulous.  It’s actually inspired me to start looking for a vintage bike (with a basket for baguettes, of course), so that I can explore my little town on two wheels.

Find Pleasurable Ways to Move

Just because everyone is talking about the benefits of Crossfit or Bikram Yoga doesn’t mean that it’s your way.

You don’t have to engage in movement you hate to create a body you love.  In fact, if you want to create a sustainable exercise program, follow what feels delicious for your body.

There’s no right or wrong, as it’s different for every woman.

Personally, I love hiking, skiing, biking, and swimming, as well as dancing, walking, and the occasional trip to the gym.  I loathe monotony, so I like to mix up my routine.

Make it Fun

If you’re dreading movement, chances are that it’s lacking a sense of play and fun.  I am a big advocate for making every moment full of joy and fun.

Add music to the mix.  Do it in style.  Do it with a friend.  The options are endless.

Think Like a Woman on the Move

In the School of Self-image, we work a lot on mindset, and when it comes to exercise, I have the ladies begin to see themselves as full of vitality and energy.  And, that always begins with your mindset.  Begin to nurture thoughts, such as, “I love moving my body,” “It feels good to get outside and move,” or any belief that inspires you to move more.

I’d love to hear your thought about moving your body?  Do you view it as a chore?  Do you love it?  What are some of your favorite activities?

In Motion,


Self-Image Makeover

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