It’s fascinating. We all desire for this time of year to feel beautiful, loving and festive. Yet, even with the best of intentions, this wish often goes unmet year after year, coupled with overspending, hard feelings and loneliness. Since you are a beloved member of our French Kiss Life community,

My wish for you is to create a holiday season overflowing with fond memories.

I want you to bring in the New Year with Champagne (or Perrier!) in hand, toasting a beautiful 2015 au revoir and a big bienvenue to 2016.  To inspire you to French Kiss your Holiday Season, I’ve created a round-up of some of my favorite posts to help you navigate the season with elegance, grace and joie de vivre.

  1.   First things first:  Don’t forget to give this person some loving during the holidays.
  1.  Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed about all that needs to get done? I’ve got the cure here.
  1.  Looking for more to do these holidays then simply stuffing yourself with turkey? Go here.
  1.  Want some Frenchie advice for your holidays? Oui, oui!
  1. Before you choke your ex-husband or throw your egg nog across the kitchen, read this.
  1.  Stressed about hosting company in your home?   Here you go!
  1.  Sick of the same boring conversation around the dinner table?  Here are a few tips.
  1.  Tell me, are the holidays causing you to feel a little blue? Here’s how to snap out of it.
  1.  Above all, here’s what I wish for you this holiday season (with a sound track!)

And in the tres likely case that you skimmed this entire article,

(yes, m’friend, I realize that you’re busy!)

please be sure to….

Press Pause and Listen up!

I want to remind you that you are an AMAZING creator.

And if it’s a glorious holiday season you desire, well, you can definitely create one.

A beautiful holiday doesn’t just happen, it’s created.
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Of course, I will be cheering you on and holding the most beautiful vision for your holidays

(with Champagne, in hand, of course!).

With Love & Deep Gratitude,



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