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Do I compare myself to others? I admit that I used to…. But not anymore.
Here’s why: I’m too engaged in my own life to waste time examining what everyone else is doing.
I barely have time to peruse Facebook. I don’t have the space to follow other blogs, except a couple of my favs (you can check them out here and here).

“She didn’t waste time looking over the fence as she was growing her own glorious garden”
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Instead, I’m focused on:

Being the best mom I can be
My health
My friendships
Making sure the light bill is paid
Picking up ingredients for a dinner party
Building a movement

When people tell me that they “compare” to the point of obsession, three things are clear to me:

  1.  They use obsession as their distraction
  2. They need their own projects, purpose and passions to focus on
  3. They need to cultivate and own their unique contribution in this world.

Can you relate?

If so, here’s where I suggest you start

instagram-she-didn't-waste-timeTrack your tendency to look around at what everyone else is doing and notice how it feels. If it feels like crap, you need to look at why and commit to working through it. On the other hand, if you feel inspired, fabulous. I am inspired by people daily. However, don’t spend all your time looking outside of your own life. If you do, your own garden will start to die.

Commit to filling your life (and calendar) with much beauty, joy, fun, passion. Schedule events that excite you. Find a project you can’t wait to work on. Commit to dinners with friends. Clean and organize your closet.

When you are focused on your own life, you won’t have the time to obsess over everyone else’s.

You can’t grow a beautiful garden if you’re constantly abandoning yours.

Now, we don’t live in a bubble, and you will peek over the fence at your neighbor. But do it for the right reason — to celebrate another person’s creation, to be inspired, to offer a high five, to ask if they need help, to borrow some fertilizer.

Then, get back to your garden! There is so much waiting to be tended to and grown.

Planting Love,


 PS. If you want to be around other fabulous, life loving women who are cultivating gorgeous gardens, c’mon It’s THE place to grow celebration, confidence and courage in your life.

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