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Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.


How many times a day do you wish for your life to be different? Perhaps you wish you lived in a different place or had a different job. Maybe you think that if the right person came along, your life would feel complete.
Maybe you suffer from FOMO -- fear of missing out. And, you're always thinking that you should be somewhere other than where you are. We've all done it. And, my experience is that it's exhausting.

When I moved to Durango, Colorado almost three years ago, it was the last place on earth I thought I'd end up. New York City or Paris seemed to be a better fit, but instead I was in a town filled with Patagonia and nature loving people.

I'll admit that at first I resisted. I didn't go out much. I daydreamed of faraway places. I created this story in my head that went something like this: One day, you'll get out of this place.

The result: frustration.

Because I don't like the feeling of being stuck (and that's exactly what it felt like), I was like: Screw this. I'm going to bloom where I'm planted.
Durango is my home (for now, and maybe forever), so instead of whining like a two-year old, I consciously decided to make this the best experience ever.

With that intention, I started going out more, which led to meeting the most incredible people, some of whom will be lifelong friends. I began building my mountain chicwardrobe, so that I could feel comfy, warm and stylish during my outdoor adventures. I started seeking out local events and discovered that my town is full of art, culture and music.

And, then there's nature. I began spending more time outdoors -- hiking, boating, glamping and sauntering by the river. I am more convinced than ever that Mother Earth holds all of our answers and can be the most healing relationship ever (but I'll save that for a future post).
Three years ago, I was frustrated about my location. Today, I am absolutely in love with it, because I made a conscious choice: to bloom where I'm planted.

It could be a job, relationship, home or anything that you're wishing away, but what if you set the intention to stop resisting it and begin to make the absolute best with where you are right now?
My experience is that your life would become a grand, magical adventure.
Here are some ideas to help you to start blooming (no matter where you are).

Instead of neglecting your home because you don't like it, create a room that you love.
 Your home is your refuge, and you can make your current living situation as miserable or exquisite as you desire. I vote for the latter, because you deserve a beautiful living space.

Seek out culture and arts in your hometown.
 Women need to have their creative spirits renourished, and you don't have to live in New York City to cultivate a beautiful mind. Look for festivals, lectures and concerts that are close by and make them a priority in your life.

Begin to explore hobbies that you could enjoy right now
. I believe that every human being needs a hobby to enjoy. There's more to life than just work and paying bills. When you fill your life with simple pleasures and pursuits, you will bloom.

Explore creative ways to make your job more enjoyable
. People really think that a new job will make them happier, but that denies you of creating your own joie de vivre. Whether it's taking the initiative to ask your boss to incorporate an idea that will serve the company or putting fresh flowers on your desk, take responsibility for your emotional state and get creative.

Discover physical activities that are en vogue where you are
. Sure, I love walking around a city all day, but I'm in Durango. So, I bought a boat to enjoy summers on the beautiful mountain lakes, purchased a good hiking shoes to tromp around the forests and just invested in my first sleeping bag EVER! Whether it's dance classes, paddle boarding or skiing, discover how the locals love to move and get active. You'll not only get in shape, you'll probably meet fabulous people in the process.

Invest fully in your relationships.
 Many people have one foot in and the other out in their relationships. I know because I was once one of them. And, it's taken me years to understand that to create successful partnerships (friendly and romantic), you must decide to show up as your best self and give it 100%. It's easy to think that another relationship would be better for you (and it may), but work on yourself first. Then decide. Don't divest before you fully invest.

Show up as your best self.
 Not when you've lost 20 pounds or have it all together (which is boring anyway). Commit to dressing, speaking, walking and loving as the best you possibly can TODAY, not tomorrow.

Live with a heart of gratitude.
 There's not a personal development program on the planet that doesn't speak of gratitude, and it's because it is so effective. You can complain about where you are OR you can choose to find the beauty and appreciation in it. The latter will open you up to much more.

Start your day off with the right questions.
 I teach my clients about the power of the question. You can wake up and ask "Why does my life suck" and you'll get a million reasons. Or, you can wake up and ask, "How am I going to make today my best day ever?" This question will open you up to creative possibility instead of being stuck in your misery.

Take exquisite care of what you have. Instead of stuffing your closets and life with more stuff, slow down and ask yourself this question: am I truly caring for what I already have? If your answer is no, this is a beautiful entry point into blooming where you're planted. Not only will you probably save money, you'll also begin to fully appreciate what you've already created.

So, I'm going to turn this over to you: what are your suggestions on making the best of what you have and blooming?
Please share in the comments. We all need inspiration on how to truly enjoy our lives.
In Full Bloom,


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