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Ever had one of those ‘bad days’? Yeah…I hear you! Today was not my most stellar of days. A flat tire. A trip to the doctor’s office. Two hours at the license plate office, only to find out I didn’t have the correct paperwork. And, I forgot to put the trash out. Oh, and I broke a $40 bottle of olive oil in the elevator. Do you have any idea how messy that was?

It would have been easy to go into the drama of it all — to scream, cry, make up stories about how life is out to get me, to make the incidences mean something tragic.

But, I didn’t.

I had the tire fixed, and thanked the jolly staff.

I had Sarah’s prescriptions filled.

I made a call to receive the correct paperwork for the license plate.

The trash will just have to wait for another week.

And, I spent an hour cleaning glass and wiping up the oil spill. An hour!!!

Bad days are usually caused by the drama in our heads.


Without the drama, there’s just an action to take (or not).

Without the drama, it’s just a circumstance.

Without the drama, everything just is.

Without the drama, life is a beautiful mess.

I’ve worked hard to get to this place of dropping the drama.

The drama was what made me reach for the stale doughnuts. The drama was what caused me to stay awake at night. The drama was what kept me from taking bold action in my life.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Without the drama, there are few bad days. {tweet it}

Plus, elegant women…we don’t do drama; we do life.

Committed to Drama-Free,