The French Kiss Life


Inspiring women around the world to create lives of elegance, style

& joie de vivre, ones that their 90-year old self will toast with a glass

of Champagne and say, “Well done, darling!”

At French Kiss Life, we believe that personal development should be fun and exciting. We like to live our lives with substance and style. In Tonya’s approach, she believes there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved through French Kissing Life. Gone are the days of trying to beat yourself into success and pushing harder to get results. You are about to learn what it means to live with ease, elegance and style, no matter what lies before you.

In a world that compels you to GO BIGGER, HARDER, FASTER, Tonya has an enticing alternative: Slow down. Touch pause.

Make memories. Live richly. Tend to the details of your life. Luxuriate in everything that’s good & right. Live artfully & well. French Kiss Life! When you do, Tonya (and the movement of ladies from around the globe) promise you this: The world will not fall apart. Quite the opposite, in fact. As you saunter through your life, luxuriate in your own success & master the Art of Living, you’ll bring new inspiration & energy to everything you touch. On this podcast, Tonya will share with you personal stories and experiences and opinions about how to live with more style, substance and joie de vivre…. in order to inspire you to do the same.


3 Mindset Makeovers
Every Woman Needs

Fashion your mind for more joy, love & abundance

Our Most Adored Podcasts

Choosing Love {My Secret Love Letters to Paris}: I have had a love affair with Paris ever since I was a little girl. It began as a secret. A dream. A fantasy. Some may have called it an obsession. I like to consider it a deep yearning. A knowing. A calling.

My Word For 2019 (Plus 10 Traits to Be The Leader Of Your Life): Where did this year go? Is it just me, or did it go by super fast? I’ve been spending time the past couple of weeks with my journal thinking about next year — my goals, how I want to feel and who I need to become.

The Elegance of Restraint: After falling in love with the rich simplicity of French living, I’ve been on the path of “less but better” for many years now. “Less” requires restraint, and historically, I was not a gal who liked to have limits, which is what restraint comes down to.

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