I create my life around good food and wine, travel, music, great closet pieces, inspiring people and great conversations. This is where I give it all to you!
Makes my Soul Sing (sounds of love and inspiration):
“Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music.” -Unknown
I create my day around music. Before I write, I choose a song to inspire me: You’ve Got the Love (Florence and the Machine) (listen) Break time?  I put on a song and dance:


Cooking?  Something sexy and delicious:


In the car?  Who knows, but it will be good:


Enjoy my love songs to you!

Makes my Body Smile (products I love):

For the Booty:  Hanky Panky’s (the thong that you don’t even know is there)


For the Lips:  Nars (Catfight is my fav!)

Pure Hedonism (Foods I love sans the Guilt) :

Chocolate is sexy. It’s seductive.  It’s an exploration of the senses and a little warming of the soul.

When I stumbled upon a little chocolate shop on Madison Avenue with Sarah (my daughter) and saw that they served lavender infused white hot chocolate, I knew that I had just walked into hedonistic real estate.

I was reminded that chocolate is not just a food but an experience.

All that’s required is high quality chocolate, time to savor and a refusal to feel like you’ve committed some heinous crime over your little guilty pleasure.  And, must I remind you that women all over the world enjoy eating their un petit piece of chocolate on a daily basis while staying slim and healthy?

Here’s one of my favorite haut couture chocolate makers:  Vosges Chocolates


You can find their bars at Whole Foods, but if you want a truly delightful experience, order their Collezione Italiana truffles infused with parfums of Taleggio cheese, Balsamic Vinegar and pine nuts.
Yes, it’s expensive, but this is called hedonism for a reason.  Plus, you are totally worth it!

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