Modern Day Icon: Author Jamie Cat Callan

This column is dedicated to featuring modern day iconic women – those women who are living life by their own rules, inspiring others with their presence and passion, owning their own personal style and, of course, French Kissing Life!


A few months ago, I was absolutely thrilled when I received the following message:

Bonjour Tonya!

I absolutely love your daily kisses and your blog!

We are definitely kindred spirits in the quest for Ooh la la!



Talk about serendipity!  I had just finished reading Jamie’s book, Bonjour, Happiness!so the fact that she was contacting me with mutual admiration was quite lovely, to say the least.   Jamie, with her generous heart, even sent signed copies to the French Kiss the World Society members, and I listened and watched as they devoured every word.

So, when Jamie told me that her latest book, Ooh La La:French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Daywas being released in May, I knew I had to introduce her to my community (but be forewarned, if you are a lady who’s desiring to explore the French feminine essence, you will fall in love with her every word!).

I had the chance to dig into Jamie’s mind and find out some ways that she adds ooh la la to her own life.

The Interview

So, Jamie, what’s the most hedonistic moment of your day?

I don’t think I have a hedonistic moment in my day, because truthfully, I make an effort to bring small daily pleasures into my life.  I’ll wear pretty lingerie and perfume every day, I always get dressed up before leaving the house, and I’ll arrange fresh flowers on the dining room table.  In terms of a truly hedonistic moment—about once a week, my husband brings home sushi and then arranges it on a beautiful platter.  I prepare a bubble bath upstairs, with candles and music.

Then, my husband brings up the sushi, pops the champagne cork, and we enjoy the sushi and champagne in the bubble bath.  It’s heavenly!

I believe each woman should discover her signature style element. Do you have one, and if so, will you share what it is?

That’s easy.  Red lipstick!

The French know how to play the game of seduction better than anyone!  What’s your secret seduction technique?

Well, I will often wear a red silk slip under a black dress, along with some very nice lingerie.  But, my real seduction technique is simply this: I think sexy thoughts.  Somehow, without a word, my husband just knows!

Here’s a round-trip plane ticket, gratis! Where are you going?

Paris, bien sur!  But, also, I would then have to take a train down the southwest and visit my favorite little village in Auvillar.  This is a magical place with olive groves and vineyards and the sweetest people in the world.

Fill in the blank: “Life is nothing without _________.”

Champagne, dancing, love and ooh la la!

For the woman who wants to add ooh la la to her life, what would you suggest to be her first step?

Slow down and smell the roses—oh, and the café, the baguette, the sweet breeze in your garden.  Basically, slow down.  This is what my French grandmother taught me and it has always enriched my life.

Merci Jamie!  Women like you inspire all of us to indulge in the daily pleasures of life and add a little ooh-la-la to our day. 

Jamie’s book,  Ooh la la!: French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Dayis being released today.  Make sure to check it out, and stop by and give Jamie a bonjour on Facebook!


More about Jamie Cat Callan

Jamie Cat Callan is the author of the wildly popular books French Women Don’t Sleep Alone and Bonjour, Happiness!   Her books have been translated into 15 different languages and now she travels the world, sharing her joie de vivre and ooh la la!
And speaking of Ooh La La! that’s the title of her latest book:  Ooh La La!  French Women’s Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day.  In this combination lifestyle guide and travelogue, Jamie interviews hundreds of French women on topics ranging from beauty, fashion, lingerie, mystery, confidence and how to develop one’s own unique style.  Publishers Weekly just gave it a rave review, saying “This charming foray into French femininity will make a perfect cadeau for any Francophile lady.”

Jamie tells us that French women are not born more attractive than anyone else. They simply learn at a very young age how to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy, inside and out. It’s an allure that outlasts youth–in fact, some of France’s most celebrated women are femmes d’un certain âge. Experience only makes them more irresistible. Growing up, Jamie Cat Callan had a French grand-mère to instruct her on style, grooming, and genuinely liking her reflection in the mirror. Now she shares that wisdom along with advice from other French women on fragrance, image consulting, makeup, and so much more!

What about you?  How do you add a little ooh la la to your day?  Tell us in the comments below.

Cheers to Ooh la la!,


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