Like the air you breathe, abundance in ALL things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be!


This past week has been extremely humbling and overwhelming in the best of ways. I did my weekly stop at the post office expecting to pick up bills and junk mail only to find gifts from readers and clients — chocolates, lipstick, a beautiful pen, a Paris journal, aromatherapy and a luxurious Henri Bendel candle (the School of Self-image community has amazing taste).

When I returned home, there was a package by my door — a beautifully crafted gold pendant of Paris from one of my dearest friends.

That night, I went to my dearest friend’s, Lisa, home for my birthday party.   She is truly the most amazing hostess (right alongside my mother) that I have ever known. 

A gorgeous birthday cake was lit with candles and an entourage of my dearest friends singing, “Happy Birthday.”

Then, every single person at the party (including my daughter) showered me with love with statements of what they appreciated about me.

Then there were more presents — a French cookbook, a luxurious flower arrangement, earrings from Paris, a St. Germain Cocktail recipe book, chic red gloves, an original canvas print of Italy shot by my dear friend, a closet organizer and a sequined black bra top.  Clearly, I have the best friends in the world!

If that wasn’t enough, mon chéri and dear friends whisked me off to Telluride for a weekend of ski and play.

Telluride Ski Day

Here we are at Aprés Ski at a French Restaurant called Bon Vivant!

Oh, and my mother sent me a beautiful silver plated dish.  Simply stunning.

All of this for me.

Sounds fabulous, right?

It’s everything I’ve ever desired — friends, abundance, love, celebration.

Yet, with each present and act of kindness, I felt a bit uncomfortable.

I love showering others with gifts, encouraging words and love. But, when it came to receiving all this attention and love last week, I started to wonder, “How much can I handle?”

When you ask for something, you must also ask for the courage to receive it. (tweet it)

And, therein lies the most amazing revelation of my birthday week.  School of Self-image is about expanding your capacity for more — more joy, love, beauty, abundance, passion, excitement, and the goodness of life.

Sadly, many women have increased their capacity to handle all the wrong things — more fear than peace, more scarcity than abundance, more self-hatred than self-adoration, more doubt than confidence, and more pain than joy.

When I was sitting at that table during my birthday dinner hearing the beautiful sentiments from family and friends, I heard my wise 90-year old self whisper:

Darling, you asked for all of this.  Don’t push it away. Take it like a lady!  

So, let me ask you: How fabulous are you willing to let your life be?

Sure, it may be uncomfortable, but are you willing to get more comfortable with more?

Here’s what I know to be true:  there is SO much in life that wants to flow to you.  But, you gotta open up, breathe and let it in!

As my wiser self says, “Take it like lady.”

If you’re willing to accept the challenge, share with me by answering this question in the comments below:

What do you desire to handle more of in your life?

With a Grateful Heart,


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