Oh, the virtual noise – the text messages, emails, newsletters, ads, books, brochures. While, it’s a luxury to have access to so much information, it’s not luxurious to have your life cluttered with excess. I’ve done this process with books, but I let my guard down when it comes to my virtual world. Part of creating a luxurious life is to be intentional about what you allow into it. (Tweet It!) So, before I even think about jumping into 2014, I’m committed to using this holiday season to decrease the mental clutter that I’ve allowed into my life.

I’m giving myself two weeks (cause y’all know I like to leisurely hustle) to clear out the virtual noise.

If you are lacking focus, joy and luxury, please join me.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

Day 1– Emptying my Inbox

Yes, I’m sad to say that there are 1,000 emails just sitting in my inbox, mostly junk.

I like a fresh start, so I’ve created a folder titled ‘December 2013 Clean Slate.’

I’ve moved every email into that folder, because I am not going to go through each one.

Not worth my time.

Day 2 – Notice the Noise and the Peace

Some emails make me cringe.  What was I thinking when I subscribed?

Others get me excited.  Those are the ones I’m always waiting for.

I’ve realized that those emails that make my stomach contract were subscribed to out of fear – fear of not being good enough/rich enough/pretty enough/successful enough.

Those are going to go!  Immediately.

Others I subscribed to because they make me laugh, offer a fun, fresh perspective and feel luxurious.

Those darlings are welcomed into my world.

For one day, I’m just going to notice.

Day 3 – Filtering and Labeling

I use gmail, so I’ve been investigating how to effectively use filter and labels.  If you’re a pro at this, I applaud you.

However, I’ve procrastinated utilizing this feature, but I’ve discovered that it’s going to be my saving grace.

I’ve been a student of gmail over the past few days, and I’m keeping it simple.

I’ve created just six relevant labels for my personal emails (fortunately, my business side of things is running smoothly thanks to my lovely business manager).  They are:

Blogs Love

Style Love

Travel Love

Food and Wine Love

Luxury Love

Reader Love

Day 4 – Begin the Process

As the emails begin to roll in, as well as those that have crept in over the past few days since I’ve emptied my inbox, I will filter the ones I want and apply the appropriate label.  I’m going to set it up so that emails that I’ve subscribed to won’t even hit my inbox, because I’m using the ‘skip my inbox’ option.

This will allow me to go in and read at my leisure, instead of cluttering up my life.  Think ease and luxury.  

Those I no longer allow into my energetic space are going to be unsubscribed to.

Interestingly enough, I’m letting go of almost all the personal development, get rich and build your business noise.  I’m infusing my life with luxury – Paris, Food and Wine, travel and luxurious mindset information.

My goal: only love will show up in my inbox.  Anything other will be deleted immediately.

Day 4 – 14 – Continue the process for the next 10 days

I’m going to set aside 30 minutes each morning to filter, label or delete the emails that roll in.

In two weeks, I’m going to have a streamlined inbox fill with only those things I love.

I’m going to enter 2014 clear minded and ready for my most luxurious year yet!



(P.S. I certainly hope that you feel the love in my blog posts, but if you do decide to unsubscribe, I wish you all the best. I only want to be in your inbox if it offers your life great value.  However, if you choose to stay, I have something yummy coming up for the New Year.  If you’re tired of boring resolutions, you’re going to love this adventure!)

(P.P.S. If you want to send some love for my new fresh inbox, please email support@tonyaleigh.com and I’ll see you under my “Reader Love” file or you can just leave a comment here on the blog.  I’ll be checking it daily, because those mean the world to me!).

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