What does the phrase radical transformation mean to you? Is it about significant weight loss? Perhaps it’s a career or business goal. Maybe you are eager to make a massive change in your relationship with money and your money management style. 

Whether it’s about your health, relationships, professional life, surroundings, or style, radical transformation always starts with self-image. 

Without elevating your self-image, it is impossible to facilitate significant, far-reaching transformation in your life. 

Thinking About Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be Can Feel Overwhelming

Sometimes when we think about the sweeping changes we want to make in our lives, we can feel so overwhelmed that instead of making strides, we become paralyzed. 

But what if radical transformation didn’t have to be overwhelming?

What if, even though your big, audacious goal seems like a million miles away from where you are today, you could take measurable steps toward making it happen. What if it appeared actually to be doable? 

Imagine having small actionable things that you could focus on and do every day to reduce overwhelm and get you to a place where you see and feel progress.

In my own life, when I have a big business or personal goal that I want to achieve, I focus on the daily habits that have led to significant results for me over time. 

Of course, when I started down this path I am on, I couldn’t see the effects of my newly implemented daily habits at the time, but over six months, a year, two years, and then five years, the results became gloriously apparent. 

I look back and realize how powerful they were and continue to be in my life. 

Today when I create a goal for myself, overwhelm is nowhere on the horizon. I know I can achieve it. 

I do it by creating goals for my future self that focus on the things that are in my control to change. 

More importantly, I practice feeling and acting as if I’m already there. In other words, I live from my future.

Living From Your Future Radically Changes Your Current Reality 

When we change our thoughts and feelings and begin living from our future selves, our current reality shifts significantly. As Tony Robbins puts it, “Begin to live as though your prayers are already answered.”

Here’s a good example from my own story. 

As many of you know, I struggled with my weight before I started my own self-image transformation. For years I dieted and worked out, I binged or starved, I worried, and I hid. I hated my body and that feeling transferred to the way I treated it. 

And, worse yet – that insidious body-loathing constantly bled over into all the other areas of my life. 

When I started to transform and change my self-image around my weight, everything started to change, and the weight began to melt off and stay off magically.  

Instead of seeing my weight as something that needed to be fixed, a problem I had to wrangle to the ground, I started to imagine what it would feel like if I no longer had that struggle. I focused on the feeling of already being fit and healthy. 

I began practicing the art of being confident in the beautiful body I was already walking around in. Then, I started appreciating the sexiness of my curves. 

Not only did I feel better about my body, but I also started to treat my body more lovingly. 

With appreciation, respect, and even admiration for my body, I began to enjoy eating healthier meals, dressing my body up in beautiful, flattering clothes, and moving my body every day so that I got strong and more fit. As a result, the heaviness of my body and the sluggishness of my energy began to dissipate. 

My weight is just one example of an area in my life that went through a radical transformation just by consciously and mindfully changing my thoughts, feelings, and – as a result of where my mindset was – my actions. 

My life changed radically in other areas of my life, as well. 

My relationships, my business, my financial fitness – even my levels of creativity changed radically for the better.

By focusing on my future and who I wanted to be, I started to create my future instead of constantly recreating my past and letting life just happen to me.

Loving The Journey of Radical Transformation

It is, as they say, all about the journey, not about the destination. 

I became the woman I am today because I fell in love with the practice of living from my future, more than the end result. 

I stopped thinking about what my life would be like when (fill in the blank), and I started enjoying the process of living my life – the life I was in the process of creating – in the “now.” 

Each morning I wake up and think about how I want to show up in the world today, just for today. 

The incremental changes in your actions that manifest from those thoughts will rewire your brain if you do that. 

They elevate your self-image, transforming it into a place of self-love, confidence, appreciation, and respect that allows you to create beyond any limits you ever had before. 

Over time, your heightened self-image will completely transform your life.

The School of Self-Image Sparks Radical Transformation

One of the first things we do in the school of self-image is set an extraordinary goal. The other thing we do is document our “before.” 

I ask the women to take a picture of themselves without getting dressed up or putting on makeup, or doing anything out of the ordinary. Then, our members contemplate that “before,” taking into consideration their thoughts about themselves. 

Then, we get to work on creating their after by focusing on the three main areas of the School of Self-Image program – mindset, style, and surroundings.  

And that’s just the beginning.

Ready to begin your own radical transformation? Be sure to get on the waitlist to join the School Of Self-Image the minute the doors open next. 


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