I find inspiration in everything I encounter, every experience I have, and everyone I meet. 

My experiences lead me to new ideas to share with you all, new directions for my business, and more. 

Likewise, the women I coach in the School of Self-Image inspire me daily with their questions and their stories of growth and development. I like to think it goes both ways. 

We all seek inspiration in our lives. 

We head to Pinterest for new recipe ideas if we want to host a dinner party. 

When our motivation is down, we listen to podcasts, read books, or perhaps join a workshop or a social group of like-minded women. 

We might also take a hike on a nature trail, journal, meditate, listen to music, or spend a day near the ocean to reignite our enthusiasm and creativity.  

When we hear the word inspiration, many tend to think of it as something random or supernatural. We talk about being struck by inspiration or suddenly feeling inspired, but in reality, becoming inspired is a process, and it has a source. 

What Is Inspiration?  

Inspiration involves being mentally or emotionally stimulated to do something creative. But this creativity is not limited to things like painting or writing. It also refers to the zeal we develop to start a new business project or grow in a personal or professional capacity. 

We can be inspired to start eating healthily, embark on an outdoor adventure, learn a new language, travel, try out a new hobby, or adopt a different approach to marketing our businesses.  

Many of us also tend to associate inspiration with something that happens to us. We say things like, "I feel uninspired" or "I need some inspiration first," but how often do we consider that we can be a source of inspiration to ourselves and others? 

Just like us, other people want and need to be inspired – and we have the opportunity to be a source of inspiration to them. 

How Can I Become A Source of Inspiration? 

Consider the people who most inspire you. What about their words, actions, beliefs, and behavior uplift and encourages you? 

Perhaps it is their zeal for life or ability to grab hold of opportunities and meaningful connections. They might be outspoken about injustice or participate in charitable events. 

Maybe it's the loving way they speak to their spouses, parents, or children or their remarkable humility and self-awareness. 

While there are many reasons why someone might inspire us to be better, there are several things we can do to start encouraging ourselves and them too. 

Build Courage

The most inspiring people are not fearful or timid. Even when they feel scared or weak, they find the strength to challenge themselves and overcome their fears. Courage reveals itself in various ways. Although it can mean taking bold action or embracing risk, people also display bravery when they are willing to stand and speak up for their beliefs. 

Everyone faces obstacles and difficulties, but inspiring people work hard to conquer their insecurities and limitations, and they don't find excuses to back out. 

Develop Empathy

Being a source of inspiration requires that we genuinely care about other people. We need to be willing to envision what being in their shoes feels like in an attempt to understand what they're going through, even if it's hard. 

Developing deep empathy helps other people feel accepted and understood, strengthening our bonds with them. 

We are far more likely to be inspired by people we know who care about us and see things not just from their point of view. 

Show Appreciation

Inspiring people openly show their appreciation toward others. When a family member or colleague does something well or demonstrates a positive character trait, inspiring people are the first to point it out—people who inspire us to seek out the best in others and encourage them with kind words.  

Promote Equality

There is no room for discrimination or prejudice if we want to inspire others. Inspiring people are tolerant and treat all people with equal kindness and acceptance regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, spiritual beliefs, or ethnicity. They see the inherent value of all human beings and advocate for equality.    

Become Emotionally Healthy 

Most of us have at least a bit of emotional baggage, but inspiring people to take intentional steps toward dealing with their traumas and wounds. They understand that they need to be emotionally whole to be a source of encouragement to others. 

Confronting our mental and emotional challenges is necessary to grow, reach our goals, and inspire others to do the same. If we don't tend to our emotional wounds, we may be reactive, defensive, and perhaps even selfish in our relationships. Our hurts become the lenses through which we see and experience everything. 

Believe in the Greater Good 

If we want to inspire others, we have to look beyond ourselves. Life is not just about enriching ourselves but about helping others grow and doing things for the sake of our friends, family, communities, and society as a whole. 

Inspiring individuals are motivated by the improvement and success of others, and as they cheer us on, they become even more influential. 

Working for the greater good has a domino effect: the more we serve others and facilitate their success, the more opportunities come our way. 

Seek Inspiration From Within and Without, but Also Be a Source

As high vibrational women, we all possess innate wisdom, creativity, and divine power within. We can be our own source of inspiration and guidance when needed with grace and elegance — Likewise, we can be that for others in our world.

When we let go of limiting beliefs and embrace our unique and beautiful selves, reaching deep inside to the divine goddess therein, we elevate our self-image and become a beacon of light for ourselves and others. 

Celebrate you, my friend, because you are indeed a source of inspiration for the world 


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