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Many years ago, I was in desperate need of some inspiration. I felt that there were two different versions of me: Version One: The woman everyone saw - Version Two: The woman I desired to be (on the inside.) It was an exhausting conflict. Quite honestly, it made me feel like I was plain vanilla (not even vanilla bean!)…..when I’m actually a sea salt caramel. With a top note of bergamot.

I was a chameleon, morphing myself to fit in at the cost of my own self-expression.

I held back my opinions.
I dressed in a way that wouldn’t get too much attention.
I didn’t make investments in things that I desperately desired.
I didn’t put myself out there.

It all boiled down to this:

I was hiding.

When you hide from life, life hides from you. {tweet it}

It’s not easy to put yourself out there and be ridiculed and rejected. Yet, everything we desire requires that we have the courage to do just that.

(So I did it. I stopped hiding. And guess what? As scary as it is, I’ve found that life becomes so much more fun and rewarding when you step out and make the world your runway, fully embodying the woman you desire to be. )

Alas, this wasn’t an overnight matter. It took some work.

I realized that I needed mentors that I could look up to, who didn’t hide. I wanted to know how to walk through my own world as a self-possessed, confident and inspiring woman.

This desire pointed me in the direction of iconic women.

Women who passionately stand for something,
Live their lives as works of art,
And do it with style & substance.

I was on a quest for answers. I devoured their biographies, watched their interviews, studied their presence. In the process, I found some eye opening discoveries.

Here’s the top finding that I uncovered:

There is no formula to being iconic.

It’s an essence that can’t be replicated.

Yet, when I broke down their qualities, I found that each woman possessed different flavors of the same thing.

Confidence, charm, passion, self-worth, femininity, elegance and a passion for life…

Just to name a few….

However, I have great news!

Yet, this “being iconic” is available to us all.

Want some more breaking news?

Every woman has an iconic heart.

That thing that makes her extremely rare and special.

It’s these foundational pieces (charm, femininity, elegance, etc) that all appear in different forms, that allow us to cultivate our own iconic appeal.


(yes, that includes you, madame!)

Want to study some fabulous Iconic Women with me?

Come Join me through a study of some of my favorite Iconic Women.

And when we’re done, you’ll be able to apply what we uncover about these women, so you can begin to cultivate your OWN iconic appeal!

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