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Sitting at a quintessential Parisian cafe, my girlfriends and I ordered a typical French meal: steak and frites with a glass of Bordeaux. I couldn’t help but notice the most elegant French woman, probably in her 70s, dressed to the nines, holding herself proudly while finishing up her meal. She looked over at our table and saw a plate of french fries.

“Monsieur,” she called out getting the waiter’s attention.

“Je voudrais trois frites,” she asked.

Did she really order just 3 fries, I thought.

Minutes later, a plate was brought over with her request. Just 3 fries.

Over the course of fifteen minutes, she savored and enjoyed her food.

It made me think of all the times I wanted some fries and denied myself.

I reminisced on all the times I gave in and ate way more than my body needed.

I lived in a very black and white world, folks!


Between the extremes are three tasty, delicious french fries.  <TWEET IT>

There are certain things in life that shouldn’t be moderated, such as passion, creativity and love.

However, when it comes to excess — food, shopping and exercise, to name a few — applying the “3 French Fry Method” has brought so much pleasure to my life.

We don’t have to deny ourselves. We can enjoy and savor life in ways that nourish and inspire

After she paid, I watched the best example of what it means to live Slim, Chic & Savvy walk out the door with such grace and poise.

And, I ate five fries.

Where do you need to apply the “3 French Fry Method” to your life? <TWEET IT>

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