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Welcome to the first edition of The Edit, a weekly digital magazine delivered to your inbox every Wednesday.

The Edit will have the weekly School of Self-Image podcast, plus lots of inspiration and resources for your most extraordinary life.

Let’s get started with a little Summer fun!

You won’t believe this. I went to my first prom.

Yes, a 46-year-old woman can still go to a prom. In fact, she can do whatever she wants.

We had so much fun taking prom pics, dancing, and hanging by the pool with friends for the after-party.

The older I become, the more fun I have. But, that’s not the case for many.

Most of us lose our sense of play and curiosity.

We stop laughing as much.

We place limitations on ourselves.

Our once light and exciting life becomes heavy and serious.

Well, not around here.

Within the School of Self-Image, we believe that the more fun we have, the better life gets.

Are you ready to have more fun?

Well, I have the secret, and it’s in today’s podcast. (Plus, you’re going to get a little sneak peek of the School of Self-Image membership where women are having the time of their lives because of the tools they are applying.)

The Thought Edit

REstyle Your Mind

No matter what’s happening in your life this Summer, remember this: Bloom where you’re planted.

Instead of waiting for life to be better “over there,” make it amazing right where you are. Ultimately, what you’re really after is a feeling. So cultivate that feeling now. Embody the transformation you want to create.

What can you do today to bloom where you are?


Ideas for Elevating - from SOSI Women We Adore

Blooming Where You’re Planted in a Small Town
with Suzanne Schultz

“Recently, my partner of two years had the opportunity to move from our beloved hometown of Boston, MA to Marietta, OH. After a year alone in the city, I decided to follow him there. It was a big change and at first, I missed the city terribly but Tonya’s teachings saved me. Instead of focusing on the negative, I started doing the thought work on how I could be happy, and it all fell into place. I decided to start a new chapter, and I set myself up for success!

Now, I’m volunteering at the local college. I’m a docent at the museum. I’m even having ladies over regularly to host an antique club. Sometimes, I still miss home but I feel in control of my success and happiness in a very different environment.”

A Taste of Style

Making the Everyday Extraordinary

Great style is all about the details. They turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This concept is no better shown than with the perfect summer hat.

This is my favorite addition to my closet.

A bonus: it’s packable and goes with almost everything.

Grab this chic Summer hat by Simone here.

In the Bag

Tools for REinvention

You all know that SPF is a must for me, so I wanted to share my favorite.

Ilia Super Serum Tint SPF 40
It’s clean, dewy, and a must-have in every woman’s bag.

This formula has fused skincare, makeup, and protection into one product. I’ll be rocking this all summer long.

Want a masterclass on all my top body love routines? Search “Body Love Routines Class” inside School of Self Image or go to Collections > Style Classes > Body Love Routines. I cover skin, face, body, smile, and nails!

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The Toast

Your Invitation to Connect & Celebrate

Celebration Circles are a fun way of training your mind and your body into a higher vibration. Joy and celebration are very high vibrations, and you’ve heard the phrase “What you focus on grows.” So I’d like to invite you to schedule a celebration circle.

Here’s how it works:

1. Schedule a date and time to do a virtual or in-person “celebration circle.”
2. Invite your friends or family to attend.
3. When the date arrives, put on your favorite outfit and pop the champagne or Pellegrino.
4. Celebrate your past, present, and future by sharing with each others what’s gone well, what you’ve learned, and what you’re excited to create.

Post a photo for me on Instagram with the hashtag #SOSICelebrationCircle so I can celebrate with you!

Want to hear more about Celebration Circles? Listen to the podcast.

Haute Habits

How to Create the Impossible

Always have a trip on the calendar.

It can be a quick weekend close by or a more extravagant vacation abroad. But, it’s something to look forward to, and it makes you feel like you’re going places (because you are).

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